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Who else thinks the Nutella ad on the mumsnet homepage is RIDICULOUS and OUTRAGEOUS?

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dontwanttogetoutofbed Tue 15-Jan-08 14:09:19

i do

Mercy Tue 15-Jan-08 14:19:50

It sounds revolting actually.

bundle Tue 15-Jan-08 14:20:16

you only have yourself (and nutella) to blame


OverMyDeadBody Tue 15-Jan-08 14:20:25

spread on toast, it isn't actually vast amounts of fat and sugar, no more than butter and honey or peanut butter and jam, and children do need fat in their diets and will burn of the sugar at school. It's not like feeding your kid a snickers bar and that's it for breakfast is it?

utterlyconfused Tue 15-Jan-08 14:21:43

No. I don't think it should be on Mumsnet's homepage. People are free to make their own decisions, but MN is meant to give people good advice. How can a chocolate spread be seen as good advice? hmm

Flier Tue 15-Jan-08 14:22:14

i wondered how long it would be till someone started a thread like this.

I love nutella, its yummy. My kids get it as a treat once in a blue moon, cos once a jar is opened on this house, I quickly finish it blush

bundle Tue 15-Jan-08 14:22:18

so there's fruit in nutella now? hmm

Oliveoil Tue 15-Jan-08 14:23:21

I used to eat Nutella, they did it in small little tubs, at school we used to have competitions to see who could make it last the longest

dd1 has a nut allergy (or has she? who knows, certainly not our arsehole doctor who has not seenn her for months) so we can't have Nuttella in this house

PrettyCandles Tue 15-Jan-08 14:23:36

Actually, it's not so much the sugar (jam on toast is a weekend breakfast treat for us, definitely not every day) as the concept that chocolate is a breakfast food. It may be a 'healthier' form of chocolate but it is telling the LOs that chocolate=breakfast=real food. Which I disagree with completely.

But I do love the stuff. I love it so much that I won't have it in the house!

mumblechum Tue 15-Jan-08 14:24:38


It's no worse than jam, and much yummier.

If you don't want it, don't buy it.

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 15-Jan-08 14:24:59

Nutella is heavenly !

mumblechum Tue 15-Jan-08 14:25:35

"Ridiculous and outrageous"?


Get a life.

Oliveoil Tue 15-Jan-08 14:25:37

we don't have good and bad foods in this house

we have FOOD

try it, tis a revelation

saves all the angst over sugar vs fat yadda yadda yawn

<<thinks of delight on dd1 and dd2 faces when they got foot long jelly snakes on Saturday>>

Tinker Tue 15-Jan-08 14:26:24

It's bloody gorgeous. Only liek having pain au chocolate ie choc being an acceptable breakfast food

TheMadHouse Tue 15-Jan-08 14:27:07

Surley you are all setting your children up for issues over foods.

Everything in moderation, good excercise and no banning of foods.

They will still eat them when they grew up, they just wont tell you they have eaten them

Mercy Tue 15-Jan-08 14:27:21

Mmmmm, chocolate for breakfst - churros or pain au chocolat?

hippipotami Tue 15-Jan-08 14:27:28

I agree Olive, food is food is food, and everything in moderation.

Makes for a much happier life grin

OverMyDeadBody Tue 15-Jan-08 14:27:48

I agree with you candles, in that I wouldn't serve it for breakfast coz I don't want DS thinking chocolate is acceptable breakfast food, but I'm just saying the advert isn't misleading and there is nothing objectionably imo about mumsnet running the ad on the home-page. We are adults, we can take it or leave it.

morningpaper Tue 15-Jan-08 14:27:58

this advert IS ridiculous and outrageous because I am trying to lose my post-christmas LARD and I am practically faint with starvation and all I see is DELICIOUS NUTELLA on MN


hatrick Tue 15-Jan-08 14:28:17

Message withdrawn

FioFio Tue 15-Jan-08 14:29:49

Message withdrawn

TurkeyLurkey Tue 15-Jan-08 14:30:42

I might even try it (I am a nutella virgin - yes I'm 36 and have NEVER EVER eaten it!!)now I've read this thread and some of the posters enthusiasm for it I quite fancy licking some off a spoon wink

Thanks dontwanttogetoutofbed!

CatIsSleepy Tue 15-Jan-08 14:32:06

maybe not buy it then

bundle Tue 15-Jan-08 14:32:43

we occasionally have the green & blacks spread but definitely not for breakfast

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 15-Jan-08 14:33:04

do try it turkey - I only came to it a few months ago and am on my 4th jar (which you can keep as a neat little drinking glass afterwards) - brilliant on brioches or sandwiched between two rice cakes - yum

FioFio Tue 15-Jan-08 14:33:49

Message withdrawn

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