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FiveGs Wed 16-Jun-21 16:00:42

Is anybody else getting an internal service error 500 message when trying to click on my Mumsnet and notifications?

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LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 16-Jun-21 20:40:44


Can you let us know what device and browser you're using to access the site?

FiveGs Thu 17-Jun-21 04:08:02

Hi @LilyMumsnet I'm using an IPad and safari browser.

It seems to have fixed itself this morning, but thanks for checking in.

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Longestfewdaysupcoming Thu 17-Jun-21 08:05:32

Same for me. I’m not getting notification icon in the top right. iPhone and safari.

NannyAndJohn Thu 17-Jun-21 08:45:36

Not working for me either, Google Chrome.

soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 17-Jun-21 09:57:59

Hi @NannyAndJohn and @Longestfewdaysupcoming thanks for letting us know. Please can you try signing out and signing in again which should resolve the issue? flowers

Longestfewdaysupcoming Thu 17-Jun-21 10:03:58

Thanks you! That worked


FiveGs Thu 17-Jun-21 18:02:01

Hi again @LilyMumsnet I'm getting the same message again even though it was fine this morning (and having logged out)

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