Why is MN promoting a product by an MLM?

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IronTeeth Mon 14-Jun-21 19:26:57

I got my MN Daily email today, and one of the items on it, was this

Flowers to Spot (Usborne Minis) by Sam Smith
Buy now, £4

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that Usborne are an MLM company, and lower than pond scum

Surely MN should not be promoting a company with this rip off business model??

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Nohomemadecandles Mon 14-Jun-21 19:27:33

Eurgh. Nope!

PurgatoryOfPotholes Tue 15-Jun-21 18:27:47

It's still a children's book publishing company. I'm not sure it's fair to expect MN and MNers to avoid recommending books published by Usborne, because they have some form of home-selling or MLM scheme.

So does the Body Shop, for that matter (although I boycott BS for entirely different reasons).

Ilovemaisie Tue 15-Jun-21 18:30:52

You can buy Usborne books in Waterstones, WHSmith, The Works, Independent book shops, gift shops, toy shops, supermarkets, Amazon.....you don't have to go anywhere near an 'Usborne rep' to purchase them.

IronTeeth Tue 15-Jun-21 18:54:59

I boycott any company that has an mlm. That includes body shop, neals yard, usborne

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