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itsjustlowhangingfruit Mon 14-Jun-21 12:57:07

Can we have new education boards please?

One for private education (separate from primary and secondary)

One for Scottish education (as the talk is always about A levels and GCSEs and it doesn't seem right to have everything Scotland related in Scotsnet)


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RochT90 Mon 14-Jun-21 13:28:26

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EndoplasmicReticulum Mon 14-Jun-21 16:49:20

I'm surprised there isn't a private education board. I thought when I read your post "surely there's one of those already " - but there isn't.

clary Mon 14-Jun-21 16:55:15

yes i agree, so so so many posts on the education boards (especially "Education") are about private education. That's fine to post about it of course, but reading the boards might make you think most dc attended private schools. People even post asking about schools named by initial as if everyone should know them - these are usually private. If there were a private education section then it would be obvious.

Agree re Scotland too. Not much point us talking about GCSEs if the OP's child is doing some totally different qualification.

LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 14-Jun-21 18:39:42


Thanks so much for raising this.

As ever with altering topics, we need to be sure that they will be used.
Please do direct people to this thread, and if there's enough interest in it, it's certainly something we can consider doing!

FelicityPike Mon 14-Jun-21 18:43:06

I think that’s a very good idea

MayIDestroyYou Mon 14-Jun-21 19:10:54

But half the threads are 'State or private?'. Where would they go?


itsjustlowhangingfruit Mon 14-Jun-21 20:49:36

keep the current threads for state education

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MayIDestroyYou Wed 16-Jun-21 06:13:47

But, as I asked, what about threads where posters want to weigh up the pros and cons of both state and private schools? Where do they go?

Shimy Wed 16-Jun-21 06:30:22

There is already a ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ education board and private school topics are very rare there, they are filled with state school topics/threads. The bulk of private school topics go under ‘Education’ which is a different more generalised board. What needs to happen is the ‘Education’ board could be renamed ‘private’ as it’s mostly full of private school threads then a new ‘General Education’ board could be created for any other thing.

itsjustlowhangingfruit Wed 16-Jun-21 08:14:15

All I can see is private education discussed, and English education.

So we need a specific private education board and one for Scottish Education.

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FelicityPike Wed 16-Jun-21 12:16:06


All I can see is private education discussed, and English education.

So we need a specific private education board and one for Scottish Education.

Absolutely need a Scottish Education board.

meditrina Wed 16-Jun-21 12:38:13

This idea has been discussed in the past, and didn't receive much support.

Where would posts when people are considering a range of schools, from both sectors, belong?

I think it's a strength that it's arranged by KS (though probably frustrating for those in areas which have middle school systems which dont fit the majority primary/secondary divide) rather than whether you pay directly

UserAtRandom Wed 16-Jun-21 12:49:58

I think there is value in having the discussions about weighing up schools from different sectors in primary/secondary education.

The main private school discussion that could do with its own topic is those threads raised by parents who are only interested in private education, particularly where that is related to choosing a school, preparing for entrance exams, and sector specific problems once your child gets there. At the moment these are often placed in secondary education with vague titles like "secondary education" or with a list of acronyms in the title that could refer to many schools but the poster has assumed that everyone will realise refer to specific London (and it is nearly always London) private schools. Actually I'd argue there could almost be a topic for London private schools.

The Education board IME is used by people who don't know where to post (or hasn't realised that there are separate primary/secondary boards). So I think it could actually be removed.

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