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msssm Tue 08-Jun-21 14:04:48

Just that. When I search a specific topic I get a list of relevant posts. Not one will open. I will attach a pic of the message.

This usually happens with one or two old posts in search which is frustrating enough, but not all of them.

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soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 08-Jun-21 16:17:15

Hi @msssm just dropping in to see if this still causing problems for you? Give us a shout if you're still unable to view search results and also please let us know your device and browser versions. flowers

msssm Wed 09-Jun-21 12:21:08

Hi Sonia thank you. Just the same.

I am on the app on an iPhone 6S.

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soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 09-Jun-21 17:23:38

Hi @msssm please can you try deleting and reinstalling and let us know if you're still having problems? Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this for you. flowers

msssm Wed 09-Jun-21 22:38:48

Thank you @soniamumsnet it's very kind of you to help 💐

Just did this and signed in again. Apart from a lovely change of background colour the problem still exists sadly.

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soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 10-Jun-21 09:09:59

Hi @msssm thanks for this update. We'll take a look now and keep you posted. flowers

StevenTechMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 10-Jun-21 12:43:19

Hi @msssm unfortunately there's a problem in the app where expired threads (like in the chat topic) appear in search results even after they've expired. So when you click them you get an error message - which in turn is unfortunately slightly misleading. We'll fix the underlying problem but it might take a week or two. Apologies for this....


msssm Thu 10-Jun-21 14:36:58

Ah that's frustrating @StevenTechMumsnet. Thank you for getting to the bottom of it. Much appreciated 💐

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