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Donatella Sun 06-Jun-21 20:55:40

I think there is an issue with Premium, I have just suddenly started getting ads again. It was fine most of today, then about an hour ago I got a pop up asking me to accept cookies and since then I've had ads. Can you take a look please?

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hugoagogo Sun 06-Jun-21 22:24:08

I have them again too. Most annoying. Last time I logged out and back in again which worked for a bit.hmm

Donatella Mon 07-Jun-21 07:02:21

Just tried that and it hasn't worked. Hopefully @MNHQ will see this soon and fix it (again!)

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KatieCMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Jun-21 12:06:00

Hi @Donatella

Can you tell me which browser and device you were using to access Mumsnet when you saw the issue occur?

Had you cleared your cookies or switched to an incognito/private browser before you saw the cookie pop up?



ProfYaffle Mon 07-Jun-21 17:21:40

I'm getting a similar issue. Just got a cookie pop up (not in incognito or anything like that) and now have a third of my screen taken up with a white space and a 'wheel of doom', presumably an ad trying to be blocked?

I'm on Chrome on a laptop.

ProfYaffle Mon 07-Jun-21 17:24:11

All my screens look like this;

KatieCMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Jun-21 17:41:08

Hi @ProfYaffle,

Thanks for the info! Did this happen while you were browsing as usual or when you opened mumsnet/a new tab?

This is all really helpful info it'll help us pin down the issue.




ProfYaffle Mon 07-Jun-21 17:49:39

I had been browsing as normal but my laptop had gone to sleep. When I activated it again the cookie pop up came up.

Donatella Mon 07-Jun-21 18:45:57

Sorry I've been at work and accidentally left my phone at home. I always use MN on my phone, the mobile site in my browser, on a Huawei PSmart 2019. No changes to cookies etc and I have tried logging out and back in again.

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ProfYaffle Tue 08-Jun-21 12:47:52

Still happening. It's a pain because it takes up so much of the screen, I can't see any text on any new screen without scrolling down.

KatieCMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 08-Jun-21 13:32:30


Sorry to hear that this is still happening. I've reported all your information to the development team so they will be looking into it.

Apologies for the inconvenience but it does sometimes help to try logging out and in again a couple of times or try logging in on a private/incognito browser. We will look at a longer-term fix but this might help you in the meantime.



Donatella Tue 08-Jun-21 20:57:39

Mine seems to be fixed, I haven't changed anything but I did get my email receipt today for my monthly payment so I don't know if that is connected?

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