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Customised Talk - a long overdue sticky to explain what the heck is going on!

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JustscreamMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 26-Oct-07 12:16:25

Dear Mumsnetters,

We have made a few enhancements to our humble offering, which will allow you to customise Mumsnet Talk and (God willing) get it just the way you like it by using the Active conversations links at the top of Talk pages. You can choose to read threads in different order, how many posts appear on your page (if you limit the posts per page it can make the page load more quickly), fiddle with the colours, choose how many posts in active conversations, select how many days your threads I'm watching lasts for, plus you can opt to ignore specific posts or topics willy nilly. Oh and there's a moonwatch too.

Our default look is slightly changed from old Mumsnet (or Mumsnet classic as we like to call it) but before anyone starts panicking, there is a Mumsnet Classic button just a click away for all you conservative, dyed in the wool MNetters who like it like it is and can't think why we wanted to mess with it anyway. (ie A "Change it back!" option, which given bitter experience we thought we'd introduce at the same time as change wink)

So do have a fiddle (ideally for at least ten minutes before you start wailing "Who, what, why, when") and if you have any problems/ishoos/suggestions then please do post them here and we promise to look at them.

Hope you like it - if you do - twas my idea - if you hate it look no further than the shed.

ps plse can you fill in our survey grin

CarrieMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 10-Nov-07 18:49:48

Thanks for feedback rustybear - will alert tech but it may be Monday before he has time to have a look - we have to give him the (very) occasional day out of the shed you know grin

RustyBear Sat 10-Nov-07 18:15:23

My Threads I started seems a bit random - there's two from November & one from the name auction that was last posted on in April hmm
Not that it really matters, but I know i started one last month about DH being a geek....

gibberish Fri 09-Nov-07 23:14:10

Okay MNHQ, when I was joking a few weeks about being a member of Gransnet in years to come - it was a joke! And now I see there is a Gransnet topic shock

It's all just a cunning plan to keep us addicted until we are 98 hmm

And one which will no doubt work beautifully!

KnockKnockKaloosThere Thu 08-Nov-07 22:38:57

Tis strange to have a sticky that we can all write on, most board sites use then for information and make them read only.

... and did you read the journo who listed a thread straight from MN and wrote an article from it in todays <ssshhh> daily mail

LittleBella Wed 07-Nov-07 22:31:32

oh is this a sticky? is that a thread that a;utomatically gets bumped then?

Well well, i never knew that. wondered why people were finding this thread so interesting

ImaburningHEIFERgy Wed 07-Nov-07 08:17:15

thank you Hunker - unfortunately there are no prizes for Bonfirenight names! will have to try and find a good one for Christmas although think that was my one and only brain wave!...

hunkermunker Tue 06-Nov-07 21:34:47

Oh, Heifer, I love your Bonfire name!

ImaburningHEIFERgy Tue 06-Nov-07 07:30:31

ah all sorted this morning - thanks...

ImaburningHEIFERgy Mon 05-Nov-07 22:29:47

just come to ask about the Remove watch button as I have just read all through the ones I was watching, and see that others have beaten me to it...

WinnieThePooh Mon 05-Nov-07 22:22:54

I was going to ask the same think mammya

mammya Mon 05-Nov-07 21:52:31

Where are the "remove watch" and "reset watch" options gone in "threads I'm watching"? I can no longer see them.

RustyBear Sat 03-Nov-07 13:25:19

I like the colour scheme of the headings on the customising page - pity we can't have that one as a talk option......

AitchTwoOh Sat 03-Nov-07 13:00:39

<warms hands in the white heat of technology>

RustyBear Sat 03-Nov-07 12:26:05

Tech is playing again! - all the customising is being changed as we type....

RustyBear Sat 03-Nov-07 12:19:17

btw I've just noticed that when I click on Threads I'm on, it says at the top "Threads started by RustyBear in the last x days"
Does anybody else's say this? (well, obviously not started by RustyBear but started by TnOgu or whatever)

TnOgu Sat 03-Nov-07 12:06:26


I knew you knew I knew that you knew....


I understand Aitch.

I have never started one of the threads so am not responsible for the blocks and scrolls, etc, but agree the name is not the best and must be annoying when it appears at the top of ac's the whole time.

I'm just being my usual arsey, angsty self, so press on ignore and I'll disappear.

< Please excuse the horrendous spelling mistakes in previous post - Oh the shame >

AitchTwoOh Sat 03-Nov-07 11:40:08

i KNEW you were a Scuttlebugger, Tnog! grin and i did go in (didn't notice that i could press ignore, though) and saw your name hence my assumption that it would be 'what MN should be etc' cos you're a good lass. but i do want to ignore it cos the name gets right on my tits... not just because of the bugger, also the block caps and *******. they make it more difficult for me to read active convos so i don't want to see it if i don't have to.

TnOgu Sat 03-Nov-07 11:29:19

I understand totally RustyBear.

However I just wonder if we learn a little more about people if we choose not to ignore.

Perhaps become a little enlightened about certain ilnesses, points of view and what make people tick if we click the threads we think we don't want to read rather than erradicating at the push of a button.

I'm being a pain in the arse at the moment. so I'll log off and go and do some gardening.

RustyBear Sat 03-Nov-07 11:17:12

Yes, but the previous system meant that (for example) an emetophobe - and there are several on MN- could just click ignore at the end of a thread whose title was too graphic & it would be gone - now they have to actually open it, find the hide button while averting their eyes from the post, wait for it to register & close the thread...

TnOgu Sat 03-Nov-07 10:59:15

< whatever, even! >

TnOgu Sat 03-Nov-07 10:57:12

Is it not just easier to skim over active convo's and mentally delete any threads you don't wish to contribute to for what ever reason?

RustyBear Sat 03-Nov-07 10:52:03

You'll have to go in Aitch.....

You now have to open a thread to ignore it (yes I know that sounds daft, but the Hide button is now at the top of the conversation, along with watch & flip)

AitchTwoOh Sat 03-Nov-07 10:04:37

i think they're a lovely bunch of women who support each other and are lovely, it's what MN should be etc. but they're called scuttlebuggers which makes my toes curl... <shiver>

colditz Fri 02-Nov-07 23:12:05

What the hell is that scuttlebuggles thing?

WitchTwoOh Fri 02-Nov-07 23:02:43

i can see Scuttlebuggers and i can't press ignore! Oh the humanity! <eyes bleed>

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