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Tech (MNHQ) Thu 25-Oct-07 19:31:56

thank you

Tech (MNHQ) Thu 25-Oct-07 19:34:04

Take it there are none then. Ta. Lovely.

charliecat Thu 25-Oct-07 19:34:11

no pages...please

PersonalItTheClown Thu 25-Oct-07 19:34:22

Not a complaint but a big MWAH!
Now I can ignore threads!! grin

charliecat Thu 25-Oct-07 19:34:30

oh god, its awful

Tech - I just posted and it hasn't appeared...

PeachyFleshCrawlingWithBugs Thu 25-Oct-07 19:34:50

My message vanbished!

the new colour scheme- too pale for my eyesight. Like staring at the sun too long.

Please, some darker or at elast bolder definition?

uberalice Thu 25-Oct-07 19:35:08

The thread subject used to appear in the title section of the browser. I liked that.

Tut - my other posting didn't get put on (mutters - knew this would lead to no good...).

Don't like it - don't do change on MN - it's not right.

eandh Thu 25-Oct-07 19:35:22

like the fact you can customize so when I am at work it looks less suspicious!!

jalopy Thu 25-Oct-07 19:35:22

It's dreadful. I can feel an optical migraine coming on.

Beenleigh Thu 25-Oct-07 19:35:23

no no no no no, you have to put the most recent post at the top.

MerlinsBeard Thu 25-Oct-07 19:35:31

i like so far but how do i add a thread/topic to my ignore list?

No, No, No - for some reason the messages are getting jumbled up - not appearing in the right order???!!

VoodooLULUmama Thu 25-Oct-07 19:35:44

no pages , please no pages

tis horrible


i don't like change


<<hard stare>>

Carmenere Thu 25-Oct-07 19:36:08

I think it is lovely and that you are very handsome clevergrin

DrNortherner Thu 25-Oct-07 19:36:11

My message vanished.

Crap colour scheme - hurts my eyes.

Hate the book style thingy.

MerlinsBeard Thu 25-Oct-07 19:36:15

if you guys look, there are options to chaneg back to MN classic

MeMySonAndI Thu 25-Oct-07 19:36:22

I'm going to get mad with that blue, bring old mumsnet's layour back please. See, I'm splitting with my husband, there is just so much change I can put up with at one time!!!

(did I look convincing enough?)

TwigorTreat Thu 25-Oct-07 19:36:23

I think you're wonderful and have done fabulous changes

But if you could possibly correct the word 'customize' to the prevailing english format of 'customise' I would be eternally grateful

yours pedantically

AARRGGGGGHHHHHH - I can't figure it out. I'm a grown woman and I can't figure out where the messages are going.

PLEASE change it back.

TrinityRhino Thu 25-Oct-07 19:36:29


Hulababy Thu 25-Oct-07 19:36:32

I have put the layout back to classic

RubyShivers Thu 25-Oct-07 19:36:42

pages are eurgh!

will get used to the rest

<<RS girds loins>>

eandh Thu 25-Oct-07 19:36:42

go to 'customize talk board' and you can either change back to old style/change order of postings/number of postings per page etc etc tis fab!!

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