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How could we auction off dormant names?

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codswallop Tue 19-Oct-04 10:59:01

how woudl it work?
anyone oknow of a name they always wanted but someone has?
how long is a name dormant for?
On pobitch its not long at all till it is redundant

snmum Tue 19-Oct-04 11:01:08

'pobitch' is a great name, i might have it

codswallop Tue 19-Oct-04 11:02:00

you know
I want dogsby

I reckin there should be sealed buds up to a vertain limit
Or a competeion where o have to say why you want hte name

codswallop Tue 19-Oct-04 14:36:19

anyone after a certain name?

JoolsToo Tue 19-Oct-04 14:45:57

I fancy being called 'codswallop' - how much will you take?

popsycal Tue 19-Oct-04 14:46:59

i just want popsy

bundle Tue 19-Oct-04 14:48:27

where are the redundant names?

codswallop Tue 19-Oct-04 14:50:41

naything you treid to have and no one seems to use

snmum Tue 19-Oct-04 14:51:59

fannyfart has been taken

codswallop Tue 19-Oct-04 14:52:53


bundle Tue 19-Oct-04 14:53:06

oh that's what i thought. disappointing though, it would be nice to have a list to that tech-able?

codswallop Tue 19-Oct-04 14:53:35

think the team want o know what we want

fannyfart Tue 19-Oct-04 14:54:16

yes by me!

codswallop Tue 19-Oct-04 14:57:05

whos that?

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 18:48:51

Message withdrawn

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 18:49:01

Message withdrawn

Justine (mumsnet) Wed 23-Feb-05 09:00:51

Nice idea - will have a chat with Tech about old names and report back,
Justine, Carrie and Rachel

katierocket Wed 23-Feb-05 09:01:47

yes, I want 'rocket'
have wanted it for ages

woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 09:30:28

I wanted loobylou but apparently someone already had that when I registered yet I've never seen a loobylou on here

foolysh Wed 25-May-05 11:22:19

Did this ever go anywhere?

I had the same idea, and lots of ideas how to make it work. MN could email everyone who hasn't posted in the last 1 year. Replies within 90 days (after some reminder emails) or they lose that talk name/their MN registration. Then the list of avail. names is made public & people could submit bids over the following month.

Bids start at 50p. It wouldn't raise a lot of money, depends how easy it would be for tech to identify the non-posters.

I wanted foolish, scavenger, misery, minx, mouse... all taken. So is edgarcat, weirdly enough.

foolysh Thu 26-May-05 10:23:51

I'm going to spout inane prattle until I get a reply.
[no change there, then]

foolysh Thu 26-May-05 21:39:08

blardee blar dee blar blar blar dah...

cod Mon 30-May-05 21:25:50

Message withdrawn

cod Mon 30-May-05 21:27:02

Message withdrawn

miranda2 Mon 30-May-05 21:34:35

I'd like to just be miranda! never seen another one on here but someone obviously registered it once...

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