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used2bthin Sun 30-Sep-07 21:41:36

Please could my message be deleted in special needs topic, its a thread about being called mum. I stupidly put my surname in it.

southeastastra Sun 30-Sep-07 21:42:34

report it with the red! button u2bt

used2bthin Sun 30-Sep-07 21:43:48

thanks but what is the red button? Am panicking!

Katymac Sun 30-Sep-07 21:45:18

The red exclaimation mark on the right of the blue bar (with your posting name on it)

Go to the post you want deleted & hit the red exclaimation mark & explain why

MaryBleedinPoppins Sun 30-Sep-07 21:45:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

used2bthin Sun 30-Sep-07 21:46:02

Ah thanks have done it!

burstingbug Sun 30-Sep-07 21:46:12

Me too.

used2bthin Sun 30-Sep-07 21:46:28

MBP thank you! Am an idiot!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 30-Sep-07 21:46:41

Hi there
If you report the other thread you'd like us to look at (with the red !) we can help.
thx MNHQ

southeastastra Sun 30-Sep-07 21:47:32

they're very quick. i had to delete a post earlier. thank you mn

used2bthin Sun 30-Sep-07 21:52:08

Olivia I reported the post I did it on has it not gone through?

used2bthin Sun 30-Sep-07 21:52:59

Oh thank you everyone it has gone!

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