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Tech: Update plz on the Mumsnet CookBook

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TheMuppetMuggle Sun 30-Sep-07 10:45:16

Coz i really Want one & Really need one!!

michaelad Sun 30-Sep-07 10:57:21

yes, me too!! smile
if netmums can do it..

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 30-Sep-07 11:09:25

Realise this thread's a bit old but Carrie's post still stands. Watch this space.
Thanks for asking- we'll keep you posted.

TheMuppetMuggle Sun 30-Sep-07 11:15:16

Thanks Olivia

michaelad Sun 30-Sep-07 11:15:57

Thanks for letting us know, Olivia!

TheMuppetMuggle Sun 30-Sep-07 11:18:23

Can i Just Check Olivia that there will be a Vegetarian Section - fed up of cooking the same sort of things for DP

CarrieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 01-Oct-07 11:13:06

Yes there will definitely be a veggie section (I need inspiration too!)

Thanks for enthusiasm and encouragement. We can't guarantee an instant cookbook, but the updated recipe section on the site should be with us pretty soon.

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