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Tech...what have you done to the links??? They don't open in a new page...

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SlightlyMadSweden Fri 28-Sep-07 14:45:36

and yet I can't click 'Back' to get back to MN....

for example the links on this thread

<P.S. I am on AOL, and I know you love them and it may be their fault not yours about the 'back' button thing>

Tech (MNHQ) Fri 28-Sep-07 16:11:37

For me they open in new "tabs" in firefox - you get a second page in the same window, but they open as new windows in internet explorer, but I believe you can change a settng in IE to get tabs instead of windows. We don't really control directly what your browser does. I'd suggest check the top of the page to see if you can see any tabs.... Gimme a minute and I'll put an image below so you can see what I mean.....

Tech (MNHQ) Fri 28-Sep-07 16:12:40

One thing to watch. If any of the links are to next, the next website does something naughty and can stop you getting back to your other windows......

Flamesparrow Fri 28-Sep-07 16:45:17

I had a link earlier that just opened in my current page, but it seems to be working again now

Flamesparrow Fri 28-Sep-07 16:45:35

(loving the picture insert though!)!

SlightlyMadSweden Fri 28-Sep-07 16:46:22

Hmm seems to be working. It is just that links have always opened in a new window (whichi is good), but the links didn't seem to be on that thread...maybe its hte 'Next' thing as it seems to be OK now.

Thanks for looking...

SlightlyMadSweden Fri 28-Sep-07 16:46:48

Flamey...good to know I wasn't alone..

Skyler Fri 28-Sep-07 16:47:04

Yes I noticed that with Next. I thought it was my computer being nuts. I could page back though.

MegaLegs Fri 28-Sep-07 16:54:49

Yes, it's definately next, cheeky bastards, it doesn't make me look at their site it just pisses me off.

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