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Anyone interested in a sport topic?

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jellybelly25 Mon 24-Sep-07 10:16:00

What do people think? I love sport and can't think of an appropriate place to post about it if I feel like it. (I don't know many people who like it as much as I do...)

harleyd Mon 24-Sep-07 10:17:16

yeah i think we need one

TheArmadillo Mon 24-Sep-07 10:17:28

There used to be one, but no one really used it so they got rid of it in the end - stick it in chat or in the news if you wnat to discuss ti.

Desiderata Mon 24-Sep-07 10:18:36

It's a great idea, jelly. I love the running commentaries we occasionally do when a good game of rugby (for instance) is on ... and I'm also a cricket fan.

So, yes. Push for it. It seems a glaring omission, now you come to mention it!

jellybelly25 Mon 24-Sep-07 10:22:14

Okay cool! How do I push for it? Just keep posting in here?

I'll start one in chat for now :-)

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