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TECH -- my threads and active conversations keep going to thu 22 September

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Twiglett Sun 23-Sep-07 19:30:24

well when I say 'keep' they've been doing it for a few days but not every time and I have to refresh to get an actual update .. it happens on active conversations too

I get the last message as 22 Sept

Twiglett Sun 23-Sep-07 19:30:43


keeps reverting to thu 20 Sept

Tech (MNHQ) Sun 23-Sep-07 20:28:50

Hi Twiglett, the most likely reason is a problem with your browser's "cache" - what internet explorer calls temporary internet files. If the browser gets confused it can start showing you its old stored copy of pages rather than fetching a fresh page. You could try deleting those.

Twiglett Sun 23-Sep-07 20:41:45

ahhh thanks tech .. had a couple of trojans and DH has been tinkering

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