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<<Psst>> Tech ! Over here ! I have figured out a flaw with your strike out doo-dah

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NDPIsProbablyGoingToHell Mon 17-Sep-07 18:10:01

it won't work on words with apostrophes

it --won't-- work, see ?

Piggy Mon 17-Sep-07 18:12:44

Maybe you have to treat the first and second bits as separate words?


Piggy Mon 17-Sep-07 18:13:17

Oooh, that worked.


NDPIsProbablyGoingToHell Mon 17-Sep-07 18:13:43

i tried it like that but I kept getting


NDPIsProbablyGoingToHell Mon 17-Sep-07 18:14:21

so don't include the ' in the strikeout?

Jas Mon 17-Sep-07 18:14:44


Jas Mon 17-Sep-07 18:15:24

Yes. It goes inbetween your two "words"

Piggy Mon 17-Sep-07 18:16:42

dash dash won dash dash ' dash dash t dash dash

NDPIsProbablyGoingToHell Mon 17-Sep-07 18:17:39

Blimey, who can be arsed bothered with all that pallaver ?

Piggy Mon 17-Sep-07 18:18:54

exactamondo. total pita.

burstingbug Mon 17-Sep-07 18:19:10

not yet used the strike out yet
Have now grin

looneytune Wed 19-Sep-07 17:11:59

grin i just came to this section to say the same thing about it being a PITA to do the apostrophe words - you beat me grin

TheQueenOfQuotes Thu 20-Sep-07 13:34:23

oooo I hadn't realised that was now an option - just kept seeing lots of words with strike throughs and wondered what was going on grin

tutter Thu 20-Sep-07 13:35:39

i do it loads just to annoy

TheQueenOfQuotes Thu 20-Sep-07 13:36:12

it's rubbish great wink

Tech (MNHQ) Thu 20-Sep-07 13:57:38

Al the struck out apostrophe stuff should have been working since yesterday I tink. So don't get on my case you band of loons.

I'm afraid the struck out emoticons is a no-go for now. It's not impossible though and we'll maybe have a look at it in the next round of talk improvements.

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