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"Ignore/exclude this thread" option

(6 Posts)
SueW Mon 10-Sep-07 12:24:05

Please could we have one?

There's "watch this thread" but I'd really like it when I click active convos for it not to bring up a bunch of threads I've looked at and decided I don't have any interest in whatsoever.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-Sep-07 12:25:14

It's a good idea - will talk to Tech about it and see if it's possible. Thanks.

NDPHasAKittenOnTheKeyboard Mon 10-Sep-07 12:26:24

Excellent idea !

ImBarryScott Mon 10-Sep-07 12:27:59

Sue - that sounds great.

SueW Mon 10-Sep-07 12:28:23

Thanks Justine

elesbells Mon 10-Sep-07 12:28:50

excellent idea sue

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