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genuinely acceptable reasons for logging off from MN

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PrincessGoodLife Sun 09-Sep-07 12:39:54

yes, we all have housework, DC, DHs, jobs, and RLs to get back to but today my DS has come up with the best persuasive reason for me to get off the computer:

he wants broccoli

And has been asking me for half an hour so I really can't ignore his healthy pleas any longer. grin It's not as if this is normal behaviour from him!

What good reasons have your dc come up with to get you off MN?

singingmum Sun 09-Sep-07 12:42:58

Wonder if that would work to get my dc's eating stuff they don't normallyhmmMay have to try itgrin

Carmenere Sun 09-Sep-07 12:44:11

Needing her bum wiped is a good one.

Mars Sun 09-Sep-07 12:47:58

There is never an acceptable reason for logging off. shock Even those in labour know to take the laptop!

FlameBatfink Sun 09-Sep-07 13:06:20

shock @ broccoli!

DD was whinging for something or other earlier and I had been ignoring her (actually working rather than MN shock) - turned and told her I was sorry and I was a cr*p mummy... hmm probably shouldn't have used that exact wording... she told me that I wasn't, I was a good mummy grin

I grinned lots, hugged her, told her I loved her... then continued what I was doing blush

magnolia74 Sun 09-Sep-07 13:30:12

Lol dd4 has just tried to get me off the computer by saying she hasn't had a turn yet blush
I said ok dear in a minute, she waits a minute then finds something else to do grin


magnolia74 Sun 09-Sep-07 13:30:49

Ds1 is yelling at me in 9 month old baby language but Sponge bob has just come on and thats shut him up grin

PrincessGoodLife Sun 09-Sep-07 13:31:38

and he had second hepings..... hmm

but it's ok because after he finished he asked for a lollypop. So he is back to normal now.

After all that, I expect I will get called for a bum wipe soon enough though too, Carm...

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