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SWEEPSTAKE! ont he number of eople who ask why the password isn't remembered when they log on in the morning....

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JeremyVi1e Wed 05-Sep-07 22:30:08


MarsLady Wed 05-Sep-07 22:30:28


Jackstini Wed 05-Sep-07 22:30:39


JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 05-Sep-07 22:30:58

+ 7-8 emails to hq

JeremyVi1e Wed 05-Sep-07 22:33:50

he he he grin


There's nothing to be won but so much to be gained!

JeremyVi1e Wed 05-Sep-07 22:38:26

drat - not sure whether to count this one or not... but it was a cross post/thread really...

controlfreakybackfromherhols Wed 05-Sep-07 22:39:26

13 3/4

harpsichordcarrier Wed 05-Sep-07 22:39:53


DominiciConnor Wed 05-Sep-07 22:48:32


DominicGConnor Wed 05-Sep-07 22:51:51 be precise


Seen as tech seems to have fixed it already. Sod.

mears Wed 05-Sep-07 22:53:55

has he?

mears Wed 05-Sep-07 22:54:07

so he has smile

MarsLady Wed 05-Sep-07 22:54:28

Yeah............... all fixed. So my guess is possibly wrong then!

JeremyVi1e Wed 05-Sep-07 22:56:33

So, h'actually, I was the closest and therefore the winner.

You may all shout "fix!"

MarsLady Wed 05-Sep-07 22:57:18

I demand a recount!

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