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Have just had a GENIUS idea about B&S, someone come poke holes in it

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MerlinsBeard Fri 17-Aug-07 19:43:20

Is there a way to say how long you want your ad to run for?
Like on ebay you can list for 3 days or 7 days and then it ends.

or maybe have a MN eaby section and you pay a small fee per listing (am aware that people could sell a trillion things in one listing), choose how long (3 days/a week) and that way people CAT you if they want something and you don't need to bump al the time?

Dropdeadfred Fri 17-Aug-07 19:45:17

But if it ended and they hadn't sold wouldn't they just start a new thread straight away?

Nbg Fri 17-Aug-07 19:46:28

i agree

fees need to be paid IMO.

MerlinsBeard Fri 17-Aug-07 19:49:40

true dropdead but then MN would be making money. not only from the fees - need nly be small even just £1 lol! but also from people signing up to CAT so they can ask about it.

Would also cull several people who only list because its free

MerlinsBeard Fri 17-Aug-07 19:49:55

could not would - sorry

Whizzz Fri 17-Aug-07 19:50:43

its all giving me a headache now....I'm going back to my non conroversial habits

LadyTophamHatt Fri 17-Aug-07 19:51:36

Maybe MNHQ could combine the fees and listing times togetehr.
what about 1st listing is free, but any further listing of the same items under the same username will be charged a fee?

Personally I think unless you've been a regular mner all over MN for at least 6 months then you should be allowed to sell at all...and then there should still be fees.

MerlinsBeard Fri 17-Aug-07 19:54:11

maybe you should have to apply to be a seller? (buying is diff imo)

and then MNHQ can decide ona per person basis whether people can sell or not?

or maybe you should have to submit your items being sold to MNHQ?

Whizzz Fri 17-Aug-07 19:55:00

visions of a ton of Jiffy bags on MN HQ desks

MerlinsBeard Fri 17-Aug-07 19:55:54


i meant via email lol!!!

Whizzz Fri 17-Aug-07 19:57:17

Maybe you could fill in a questionnaire :-

Eating grapes in supermarkets Yes / No
What is the name of the MN bat ?
Give 3 Cod aliases
What was UCMs little problem ?
In 50 words or less describe the Judge Flounce issue


southeastastra Fri 17-Aug-07 19:57:32

maybe it could be moderated with mnhq butting in occasionally with an 'enough already'

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