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More travel cot recommendations urgently needed!

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Carrie (mumsnet) Thu 23-Sep-04 12:25:48

Hi there

We are trying to pull together a new mumsnet survey of the best travel cots and have quite a few models that we just don’t have enough reviews for. If you’ve got one of these, or indeed any other model that isn’t mentioned below, please could you send a review here . We just want to make this as comprehensive and therefore as useful as possible. Please DON’T send a review in if you’ve sent one already

Thanks in advance Carrie, Rachel and Justine.

The travel cots we have quite a few reviews for are below.
Samsonite Pop Up Travel bed,
Kingswood Toledo, Graco Contour with bassinet, Graco Compact, Nomad Travel Tent, Mothercare Basinette,Mothercare Brighton check

The travel cots we’d like to include but don’t have enough reviews for yet are:
Baby Dan Travel cot, Petite Star Traveller,
Mamas & Papas Travel Tot Advance with Bassinet, Mamas & Papas Travel Tot classic, Tomy,
Tchibo, Marks and Spencer navy blue, Nature's nestAmby Baby hammock, mamas and Papas streetstyle, Little Tikes Standard, little shield travel cot, Little Life pop up travel bed, Holi-Doze, Hauck, Cosatto Travelcot 100, BabyKit Basic Model, B.B.Balo navy blue

Thanks again!

Thunderbird1 Thu 23-Sep-04 20:16:48

Bump (for our hosts !)

Cleo33 Mon 10-Nov-08 22:33:19

We used a BB Balo travel bag/carrycot as a first bed for both our girls instead of a Moses basket. And they both slept soundly in it until four months or so. Because we used it every night we added a square ended pram mattress as the original mattress was a little hard for every night use.

It was great for travelling and weekends at the Grandparents as the pocket are really room, so lots of storage.

Kermit735 Sat 11-Jan-14 22:21:36

Warning about Little Shield Travel cots.
We've had a LS travel cot from new, and only used it a few times, but the plastic corner pieces are cracking open. Was hoping to sell on after it's finished with, but now we're reluctant to use, and will be binning it.
Photo's available to show issue.
We're not happy, but can't find company on web to report the issue.

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