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collision Mon 23-Jul-07 11:23:51

It drives me mad!

some people post something that has happened to them.

people offer advice.

problem often changes midthread because situation is now different and they feel reassured blah blah

or they resurrect a thread from a while ago and the problem is different

some wally doesnt bother to read the thread because they cant be bothered!! and offers more advice about the original problem!

I have seen it happen on so many threads and one poor mumsnetter who had had a terrible time and lost a baby didnt come back because of the insensitivity of another mumsnetter who hadnt read it through.

Rant over.

fannyannie Mon 23-Jul-07 11:25:14

so if it's 400 posts long, and we haven't got a lot of time - basically you're saying we should just p*ss off then???

Kewcumber Mon 23-Jul-07 11:26:49

I always try to qualify if I don't have time to read whole thread as a lot of people do

"sorry don't have time to read whole thread, apologies if someone has said this..." kind of thing, it seems polite.

totaleclipse Mon 23-Jul-07 11:27:35

Then perhaps it would be wise for these peole to start a new thread when thier situation changes, with a link to the original thread if desired.

Some threads are like reading novels, you just dont have time, and if someone had given wrong advice, I doubt it was intentional.

collision Mon 23-Jul-07 11:27:51

Ooh grumpy!!

Just spend a few minutes reading it thru and see what the current situation is!

Not difficult is it?

what is the point in typing out the wrong advice because you couldnt be bothered to read the thread.

No need to be huffy!!

fannyannie Mon 23-Jul-07 11:29:15

wow - you must be a very quick reader if you can read VERY long threads (as many of them are) in just a few minutes!

collision Mon 23-Jul-07 11:29:45

A skim read is all it takes!

Often I just read the OP's posts.

elesbells Mon 23-Jul-07 11:31:30

but you asking everyone to read the whole thread but you just read the OP? now im confused

totaleclipse Mon 23-Jul-07 11:32:31


collision Mon 23-Jul-07 11:33:24

I said skim read.

sometimes I read the OP's posts to see if her situation has changed or if she has taken advice from other MNetters.

I agree that it can take time to read all the posts but if you dont read the thread what is the point in posting?

NotQuiteCockney Mon 23-Jul-07 11:33:52

No, she's saying she reads everything posted by the original poster. I skimread, too, watching out for anything by the OP.

rosealbie Mon 23-Jul-07 11:35:20

Doesn't she mean she reads all of the OP's posts?

Agree though that you can't possibly read whole threads, well not if you want a life as well!

collision Mon 23-Jul-07 11:36:11

thank you NQC!

Just recently some MNetters have been upset by well intentioned advice that is completely irrelevant because of the OP's change of circumstances.

I wasnt trying to be nasty, just asking for people to take the time to read threads.

fannyannie Mon 23-Jul-07 11:38:00

ahh now if everyone only read the OP's posts it would be much easier to read the entire thread - as they'd be much shorter.......long threads tend to be, well.....long, because people comment on other poster's comments - if they only commented on the OP's posts we'd be sorted

collision Mon 23-Jul-07 11:40:20

you trying to be difficult FA??!!

elesbells Mon 23-Jul-07 11:40:42

agree totally. sorry the thread title said to read the whole thread..thats where i got confused. i always read anthing by the OP anyway..i just had visions of reading through 500 plus messages on some threads. it would take forever.

collision Mon 23-Jul-07 11:58:26

I skim read the whole thread paying more attention to the OP's points.

If she comments that someone has made a good point then I go back to that person and read their great advice!!

elesbells Mon 23-Jul-07 12:00:21

and if they made a bad point i go back and look too

collision Mon 23-Jul-07 12:01:51

me too!!!

and when it goes into a fight I read it twice!!!!

elesbells Mon 23-Jul-07 12:03:33

pmsl nothing better than a virtual brawl

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