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Timing is everything?

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Earlybird Thu 05-Jul-07 06:55:36

Seems to me there are certain times of day when it is better to initiate certain kinds of threads.

I posted last night around 22:00 on a behavioural issue with dd, and the thread quickly sank without a trace. It was gone in less than 10 minutes, and the same happened again when I bumped it.

It is certainly possible that no one had any thoughts/advice to offer, but it occured to me that perhaps it would have been better to post in the daytime rather than 10 at night, when the board is fast/furious/chatty.

Do you consciously aim 'serious' posts for certain times of the day so they have a better chance of getting responses? If so, what is your timing strategy?

And by the way, the thread is question is here should anyone have advice to offer...

cathcart Thu 05-Jul-07 06:59:37

mornings if i need baby advice, evenings for chat,
will have a look !

Shoshable Thu 05-Jul-07 07:00:10

God early bird is anyone up yet? try posting it about 10.30, pre school runs over, housework done (if you do it), and mums having cuppa and MN time before pick up.

barney2 Thu 05-Jul-07 07:08:24

Mmmmm...all sounds familiar to me.

My dd exactly the same - very defiant, ignores me and I get wound up over it (which I try not to do) and she loves it.

I think the key is just to ignore her - give her a dose of her own medicine. You can shout and scream until you're blue in the face and you get cross and she ignores you all the more.

Girls get giggly and loud when they're with their mates, especially at this age - my dd is 8 and I've found she's a different child when she's with her mates - it's as if I'm to disappear into the background and if I dare to say anything she'll shun me!

Have you tried taking her to one side, away from friends, on her own and having a chat with her? I know 6yrs old is quite young but it may be worth asking her why she is like this - have you tried depravation? Ie no tv, no pocket money, take toys away until she can be nicer and show more respect etc?

Earlybird Thu 05-Jul-07 09:58:50

shosable and cathcart - thanks for the tips. Makes perfect sense. I post when I've got time to think/write and it sometimes isn't the best timing.

barney2 - interesting perspective and good advice. Think I'll do a cut/paste of your post into the other thread (hope you don't mind) and respond there so I can keep all relevant thoughts in the same place.

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