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MipMipMip Wed 20-Jun-18 01:24:43


I have no doubt that you will gather stats on your users, what they engage with and when etc for advertising purposes. That's great, monetizing us is what pays the bills and allows you to host. No problem at all.

The FWR board is obviously a hot topic at the moment. Is there any way you could share a few stats on it? I'm thinking long term users recently starting on the boards (I've seen a lot recently where people said they were lurkers but have no way of knowing if it's true), if new users are focusing primarily on FWR (possibly with AIBU thrown in), If long term users are getting kicked off the boards or if most of those affected by the blocks are new users (on either side). Are FWR users engaging with the rest of the site or are they on just that board?

There's probably more but I think this would be a great staring point for understanding what is happening with that board. It would also help make it clear to advertisers if it is worth focusing their advertising on that board and give them an idea to the feelings of long term users who are more likely to engage with ads, instead of people who just come in to make trouble.

Obviously I'm not suggesting anything that could be commercially sensitive but I don't think any of those things would be.


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