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A request - prevention of losing half-written threads.

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Imchlibob Wed 13-Jun-18 11:54:35

For context - I mainly use mumsnet via a chrome browser on a samsung android phone. I have no idea if the problems I have a unique to this combo or are more universal.

I keep losing posts that I have spent ages typing. It's very frustrating. There are two main reasons and possible development solutions to prevent them.

Most common reason is that sometimes a slight keyboard fumble can cause something to change on screen - eg shifting position on the sofa and suddenly the keyboard at the foot of the screen is gone and your finger which was aiming to press one of the suggested words inadvertently presses one of the links at the bottom of the page (typically the one about baby names this week) and there is nothing to be done to correct the mistake - the unwanted page loads and everything written is lost. this could be prevented with an "are you sure" confirmation required if you try to navigate away from a page with an unsubmitted text box containing data. Lots of websites have this feature.

Second most common reason - on a train particularly, if you happen to be in a patch of low signal the moment you submit the post, the page just freezes and never submits the post. It is impossible to retrieve the post at that point. this may be at least partly preventable if there was some kind of autosave draft feature possibly? It wouldn't help if you were permanently in a no-signal area but if you had patchy signal you might have at least some of the lost post saved.

Thank you!

Eatsleepworkrepeat Wed 13-Jun-18 11:56:50

Yes!!!! I wrote a genius post earlier but then couldn't be bothered to rewrite when I lost it. The world is a poorer place for its loss, believe me. OK it was on the love island thread but still... grin

RightOnTheEdge Wed 13-Jun-18 12:02:06

I have had exactly the same problem on my phone.
I wrote a post about three times yesterday and gave up because I kept pressing the links at the bottom by accident.

EatSleep grin grin

Imchlibob Thu 14-Jun-18 14:34:07

Argh it just happened again! I am typing away and suddenly the keyboard disappears a day I have hit a link to an article about ectopic pregnancy. It's so frustrating!

Imchlibob Mon 25-Jun-18 07:36:02

Bump. Yes it happened again. 😥

WeShouldOpenABar Mon 25-Jun-18 07:38:38

It happens to me frequently I have to press post twice for it to take sometimes I forget and lose the whole post

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