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JaneJeffer Sat 26-May-18 22:52:38

When did this start appearing instead of the time you posted?

JaneJeffer Sat 26-May-18 22:54:19

And then changes to how many minutes ago!

PanPanPanPing Sun 27-May-18 06:51:42


PanPanPanPing Sun 27-May-18 06:52:35

It didn't say Just Now for me!

TheMaddHugger Sun 27-May-18 11:33:12


TheMaddHugger Sun 27-May-18 11:34:30

Nope mine came straight up with the time stamp. Sorry

JaneJeffer Sun 27-May-18 12:35:23

I'm on the app and it's still doing it.

JaneJeffer Sun 27-May-18 12:35:59


WeAllLiveInACoffeeMachine Sun 27-May-18 12:36:41

Testing as well

WeAllLiveInACoffeeMachine Sun 27-May-18 12:37:01

No but then I don't have the app

FlissMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 27-May-18 20:17:21

JaneJeffer - sorry that's happening; would you let us know what device you're using and (if you can) log in and try from a different one and see if that problem disappears?

Tiredmumno1 Sun 27-May-18 20:25:49

The same thing happens on mine Fliss, I am also using the app on an iPad.

I just thought it was a new thing, even though it is really annoying.

FlissMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 27-May-18 20:27:14

Thanks Tiredmumno1 - sounds like we might need to run this past our tech lot.

Anyone else having the same problem?

Tiredmumno1 Sun 27-May-18 20:27:36

Here you go.

Tiredmumno1 Sun 27-May-18 20:28:15

Great, thanks Fliss smilethanks

AnneOfCleavage Sun 27-May-18 20:43:47

Yes, it's been like this for ages for me and I use iPad and iPhone to mumsnet mostly. Not sure on pc but will check later. It only does a time when it's been over an hour.

FlissMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 27-May-18 21:09:37

Thanks for the screenshot Tiredmumno1 - we'll pass that on and see what they make of it over in Tech

AnneOfCleavage - excellent name btw and do let us know whether it happens on your pc or not.

scrumples Sun 27-May-18 21:10:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JaneJeffer Sun 27-May-18 21:12:35

Trying my phone instead of Ipad

JaneJeffer Sun 27-May-18 21:14:01

So it's fine on my phone.

Hippobottymus Sun 27-May-18 21:14:17

I've always had this on my iPhone!

AnneOfCleavage Sun 27-May-18 22:02:02

Aw thanks Fliss grin
Have just checked pc and it doesn't happen on there at all just the normal exact time a post was sent.

Seems to be an app issue or at least on iPhones and iPads as that is what I use.

AnneOfCleavage Sun 27-May-18 22:03:32

TBH if doesn't particularly bother me but I did notice it happening a while ago.

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 29-May-18 11:00:14


We're just waiting to hear back from our app developers about this - hopefully we'll have updates for you soon!


BeyondSceptical Tue 29-May-18 11:03:55


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