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Have just blogged on Guardian website re Mumsnet, Mile for Maude and stuff

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 04-May-07 10:46:39

and thought you might be interested. It's here . Have a feeling I'm going to take a pasting...

ChippyMinton Fri 04-May-07 10:50:57

Go Justine! We know these meeja types are endlessly plundering MN for their columns.

nickytwotimes Fri 04-May-07 10:51:31

like your blog!
you probably will get a pasting though.....
never mind - we love you!

oranges Fri 04-May-07 10:51:38

I wondered how long before you did.

hatwoman Fri 04-May-07 10:51:54

nice one Justine. I think the thing about it not happening round at there place anymore is so spot on!

WendyWeber Fri 04-May-07 10:52:18

The first comment made me laugh (as I sit on my backside )

JackieNo Fri 04-May-07 10:52:47

Oooh - some controversial stuff.

meto Fri 04-May-07 10:53:58

that man - bloody cheek. how rude.

coppertop Fri 04-May-07 10:54:06

Fantastic, Justine!

ChippyMinton Fri 04-May-07 10:54:57

Do journos not sit on their backsides then, whilst changing the world?

PrettyCandles Fri 04-May-07 10:55:20

That Stevo blogger clearly hasn't read anything more than the top and the bottom of J's piece!

oranges Fri 04-May-07 10:55:31

What are we meant to do when being online? Dancing a jig?

Carmenere Fri 04-May-07 10:57:15

Stevekingofthenewts, I would just LOVE to see him here for a chat

And Justine you are right. We all know for a fact that researchers and journalist for most magazine programmes regularly plunder the threads of mn for inspiration.

Tamum Fri 04-May-07 10:57:25

Gosh what an erudite and well thought out argument there from Steve.

Well done though Justine, good piece.

munz Fri 04-May-07 10:57:52

justine invite him on for a chat - we'll give him what for! lol.

agree thou wiht you.

piglit Fri 04-May-07 11:07:39

Nice work Justine. I have ishoos with Alice Miles (can she even spell research?) and I thought your comments were spot on.

Marina Fri 04-May-07 11:11:10

Nice one Justine
Alice Miles

littlelapin Fri 04-May-07 11:40:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoiseSHELL Fri 04-May-07 11:41:01

Well done Justine!!! MNers sitting around doing nothing, I ask you!!!

WideWebWitch Fri 04-May-07 11:43:51

Fab Justine, don't let them get away with this claptrap.

littlelapin Fri 04-May-07 11:59:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GreebosWhiskers Fri 04-May-07 12:05:09

That is fantastic!
Go Justine

JackieNo Fri 04-May-07 12:08:50

ll - your comment's there now.

zizou Fri 04-May-07 12:09:07

ace Justine

GreebosWhiskers Fri 04-May-07 12:10:19

Was gonna post a response to Alisdair Cameron but I notice he's already been put in his place much better than I could have done it lol.

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