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MN is a load of shit and all the posters are full of it

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ConnieDescending Mon 30-Apr-07 17:07:12

I came here as was fed up of the fluffiness on other parenting websites, the tickers, the over moderation of swear words and forceful opinions, the constant calling for hugs, the 'huns' etc

But you know what after spending 6 months here I'm heading back to those parenting websites where normal people frequent and will put up with the overt 'nicey nicey ness.'

Whats so great about MN? You all go on about it all the time, its freedom of speech, its being able to get seriously involved in debates, etc........well yes there is that but pretty soon the 'parping' becomes duller than the 'big (((((hun)))))'. And what the lack of moderation means we can write 'fuck off'...???

I would love to read a thread without cod being mentioned - fgs, you're like a load of playground kids desperate for attention from queen bee by mentioning her name!

Then there's the food threads where a normal conversation never occurs without 'fruitshoots are crap' or 'lentil weavers' thrown boring now as is the debate on what is crap and what is not, who gives crap and who does not and usually ends in people saying parp and fuck off. FGS, how anyone can read these threads again and again is beyond me.

MN is a place where you can't say you actually think the SMA emblem looks like a mother cuddling her child without attacks, you can't ever be on the middle ground of something.

On MN the newbies, a term I hate are generally are viewed as a lower species and treated with disdain, people whos opinions are less important or valid.

On MN those who shout loudest, post longest and are the rudest are the most regarded.

On MN, there are a group of mother judging all the other mothers as inferior to them and setting ridiculous standards.

On MN a topic such as weaning invokes 500 posts of pure drivel and arguments

Then there's the new AIBU threads which are just so fucking annoying and pointless.

So I will go back to my fluffy parenting forums where people are pleasant, normal and all are there for genuine reasons.

I will give up my freedom of saying fuck off.

MN is shit

MrsBadger Mon 30-Apr-07 17:08:11

super to hear it


nogoes Mon 30-Apr-07 17:08:35

I quite like it how it is.

SmileysPeoples Mon 30-Apr-07 17:09:31

I love your name ConnieDescending.

If you really are going can I have it??

Cappuccino Mon 30-Apr-07 17:09:44

it will be nice on your other forums

I hear you can decorate your signatures with pink stuff and flowers

go wild

Tutter Mon 30-Apr-07 17:10:07


FioFio Mon 30-Apr-07 17:10:46

Message withdrawn

SmileysPeoples Mon 30-Apr-07 17:10:48

What in particular has provoked this though CD?

Some of what you say has some truth, but surely it hasn't taken you 6months to realise this?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YeahBut Mon 30-Apr-07 17:11:12

Have a vodka and valium, hun. You'll feel much better...

Tutter Mon 30-Apr-07 17:11:13


she must be right and we're all wrong

PeachyChocolateEClair Mon 30-Apr-07 17:11:28

I'm often ont he middle ground and never had a problem with it. But as I haven't seen your posts what can I say? Goodbye though, and be happy.

thedogsbollox Mon 30-Apr-07 17:12:19

God I agree with you - a lot of it is shit - but it is highly addictive shit so I'll be staying around a bit longer yet

nailpolish Mon 30-Apr-07 17:13:02

ohh connie ar you having a bad day/


2 dds
1 dh
and a fluffy kitten with sugar sprinkles

joash Mon 30-Apr-07 17:13:35

what other forums - can we all go and 'spoil' them with our common, unladylike bahaviour then?

OrmIrian Mon 30-Apr-07 17:13:47

I've never come across a parenting site where there wasn't judging of others parenting styles, circular arguments, periodic flouncing, certain posters with axes to grind. And cliques who ignored you if they didn't know you and sucked up to the important ones. And the term 'newbies' (which I also abominate) is not exclusive to MN.

The vocabulary is better on MN though.

joash Mon 30-Apr-07 17:13:54


nailpolish Mon 30-Apr-07 17:14:05

ohyes lets, joash

pesme Mon 30-Apr-07 17:14:06

we were due one of these.

fannyannie Mon 30-Apr-07 17:14:13

"On MN those who shout loudest, post longest and are the rudest are the most regarded. "

B*gger so why I am still so lowly regarded??? I shout very loud, am very controversial (sometimes) have been posting for 2 1/2yrs and still get ignored frequently

MrsBadger Mon 30-Apr-07 17:14:22

now come on, if you're leaving you have nothing to lose:
who were you before you bravely namechanged?

Tutter Mon 30-Apr-07 17:14:35

<naily, did you see that thread from aaaaages ago that i bumped earlier - you were trying to think of an actor. i shall bump again as i'd like to know if you ever rememebered whi he was...>

Hillls Mon 30-Apr-07 17:14:44

Oh her life must be so exciting

joash Mon 30-Apr-07 17:14:47

d'ya wanna be in my gang????

ConnieDescending Mon 30-Apr-07 17:15:04

Typical responses- all trying to outdo each other with your wit. Its this kind of thing that gets tiring.

Ignoring the OP and trying to score points with the MN royalty.

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