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Y'know I had a really good look at those Lunchable things advertised incessantly on MN and guess what????

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Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 15:49:19


the majority of parents that use this site know what crap they are so wont be rushing out to buy them because of an ad on here.

Saturn74 Sun 29-Apr-07 15:48:37

Looks like plastic food.

hatrick Sun 29-Apr-07 15:47:50

Message withdrawn

NadineBaggott Sun 29-Apr-07 15:45:10

btw I don't actually see the ads on my screen thank goodness but I've seen the tv ad - bleurgh!

Saturn74 Sun 29-Apr-07 15:44:31

Lunchables are foul.
I'm surprised MN decided to let them advertise here.

NadineBaggott Sun 29-Apr-07 15:43:19

for once moondog I fully agree.

it just doesn't look like real food and probably isn't!

deeskies Sun 29-Apr-07 15:42:32

they are foul
and i am fairly relaxed about food

Tamum Sun 29-Apr-07 15:41:45

I'm fairly relaxed/hopeless about food depending on how you look at it, but boy, I would draw the line at blooming lunchables.

Troutpout Sun 29-Apr-07 15:26:39

oh Home page...i don't do home page

Troutpout Sun 29-Apr-07 15:26:23

Where ? Where?

Incodnito Sun 29-Apr-07 15:14:04

The saddest thing about it, some people actually give them to their child for lunch and thats all they get, mmmmm healthy and appetising I'm sure!

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 15:12:36

I was shocked that is has been advertised on here tbh.

It isnt proper meat at all and how they can say its "goodness" or whatever they describe it as is a blatent lie.

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 15:10:52


How anyone could consider them to be a 'treat' is beyond my realm of understanding.

Chips Yep
Hamburgers Yep
Ice cream Yep
Chocolate Yep

But 'Lunchables'????

Jesus Christ........

mytwopenceworth Sun 29-Apr-07 15:10:18

don't you put those '''' round the word meat. it is meat.

rat meat, fresh from the sewer. none finer.

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 15:09:20

The 'meat' looks like guano.

mytwopenceworth Sun 29-Apr-07 15:09:09

hey moondog, this is a safe place to express your feelings, dont you hold back now, be honest....

suzywong Sun 29-Apr-07 15:08:29

has this thing kicked off yet?

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 15:07:55

They look about a million times worse than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams.
I'm afraid I've changed my mind.You people that run the show here should be ashamed of yourselves.

They are absolute SHIT I tell you.

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