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Y'know I had a really good look at those Lunchable things advertised incessantly on MN and guess what????

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moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 15:07:55

They look about a million times worse than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams.
I'm afraid I've changed my mind.You people that run the show here should be ashamed of yourselves.

They are absolute SHIT I tell you.

suzywong Sun 29-Apr-07 15:08:29

has this thing kicked off yet?

mytwopenceworth Sun 29-Apr-07 15:09:09

hey moondog, this is a safe place to express your feelings, dont you hold back now, be honest....

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 15:09:20

The 'meat' looks like guano.

mytwopenceworth Sun 29-Apr-07 15:10:18

don't you put those '''' round the word meat. it is meat.

rat meat, fresh from the sewer. none finer.

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 15:10:52


How anyone could consider them to be a 'treat' is beyond my realm of understanding.

Chips Yep
Hamburgers Yep
Ice cream Yep
Chocolate Yep

But 'Lunchables'????

Jesus Christ........

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 15:12:36

I was shocked that is has been advertised on here tbh.

It isnt proper meat at all and how they can say its "goodness" or whatever they describe it as is a blatent lie.

Incodnito Sun 29-Apr-07 15:14:04

The saddest thing about it, some people actually give them to their child for lunch and thats all they get, mmmmm healthy and appetising I'm sure!

Troutpout Sun 29-Apr-07 15:26:23

Where ? Where?

Troutpout Sun 29-Apr-07 15:26:39

oh Home page...i don't do home page

Tamum Sun 29-Apr-07 15:41:45

I'm fairly relaxed/hopeless about food depending on how you look at it, but boy, I would draw the line at blooming lunchables.

deeskies Sun 29-Apr-07 15:42:32

they are foul
and i am fairly relaxed about food

NadineBaggott Sun 29-Apr-07 15:43:19

for once moondog I fully agree.

it just doesn't look like real food and probably isn't!

Saturn74 Sun 29-Apr-07 15:44:31

Lunchables are foul.
I'm surprised MN decided to let them advertise here.

NadineBaggott Sun 29-Apr-07 15:45:10

btw I don't actually see the ads on my screen thank goodness but I've seen the tv ad - bleurgh!

hatrick Sun 29-Apr-07 15:47:50

Message withdrawn

Saturn74 Sun 29-Apr-07 15:48:37

Looks like plastic food.

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 15:49:19


the majority of parents that use this site know what crap they are so wont be rushing out to buy them because of an ad on here.

SoupDragon Sun 29-Apr-07 15:51:09

So, how about the claim "Nutritionally comparable to a homemade ham and cheese sandwich"?

NadineBaggott Sun 29-Apr-07 15:52:49

homemade ham?

unless you live on a pig farm would be pretty difficult

SoupDragon Sun 29-Apr-07 15:55:14

I suspect that's not quite what they mean...

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 16:05:04

The dietician who is endorsing these should be struck of the Health Professionals Council.
Furthermore,who in God's name is stupid enough to pay through the nose for some bread,meat and cheese?

I get ready prepared hot meals in that there is preparation involved,but dear God,how much preparation is involving in putting a bit of bread and cheese in a roll?

sallyheartshapedstrawberry Sun 29-Apr-07 16:06:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OrmIrian Sun 29-Apr-07 16:07:47

Agree. No need for them whatsoever.

Moomin Sun 29-Apr-07 16:14:32

JUst been doing a bit of research about these horrible things and have found out the following:

A typical Lunchable meal thingy (I looked at the ham and cheese sandwich-type one) contains what the Govt. define as HIGH in salt. They recommend that a heathly munch for a 5-8 yo child should conatin NO MORE than 1.2g of salt; a child of 9-12 yo should have NO MORE than 1.65g salt. These Lunchables contain 1.8g salt in one pack.

The level of saturated fat in each one, again, is classed as HIGH by the Govt. Food Standards Agency

And the 'meat' in this particular type is actually "Cured ham slices formed from pork leg pieces with starch"

Which is pretty much what you'd expect from this type of crap EXCEPT it is being marketed as healthy, just because it has less crap than it used to have (so God only knows what the old ones were like). Last week when I first saw the ads for this on MN I was just but I thought that MN needs the revenue and we are all grown-ups able to make our own minds up. However, I think that these ads are misleading at the very least - it's taken me well over 20mins to research what the nutritional claims on the packet and the accompanying info actually mean. I think it would be fine to advertise on MN if they were saying 'this is cheap, processed crap but your kids might like the taste' but they're NOT.

I wouldn't have fed my kids this kind of thing anyway, but I think, at a glance, the fact that the ads are on MN might make other people think it was somehow 'ok' to give these to their kids, when in fact the levels of salt and saturated fats are FAR from ok.

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