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TAAT (sorry)

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MNHQ have commented on this thread.

rollingonariver Mon 04-Dec-17 12:42:28

Didn't know where to post this, apologies if it's wrong.
I was about to post on a thread about a woman who was feeling suicidal because she was ill and had very little support with her young Ds. I couldn't post because it had already been deleted.
Is there any way MNHQ could contact the op / let us know her username? There are lots of people on this site who could have helped her, maybe the wording in the thread could have been changed?

rollingonariver Mon 04-Dec-17 12:43:36

Deletion message

NerrSnerr Mon 04-Dec-17 12:44:02

MNHQ would have contacted the OP with information where she could get support.

rollingonariver Mon 04-Dec-17 13:27:01

@NerrSnerr I understand that but (imo) she couldn't see what the 'real' problem was and I felt people could help her on here.

NerrSnerr Mon 04-Dec-17 14:11:24

They have consulted with MIND and other MH charities who have advised to delete all threads where people discuss ending their lives. It’s discussed extensively here

Suicide threat, distressed poster

SophieLMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 05-Dec-17 17:24:50

Hi rollingonariver,

We're really sorry for the delayed reply here.

As nerrsnerr mentioned, there has very recently been a thread about this. Please do take a look at our recent post, which we hope addresses some of your concerns. If you have any further worries at all, please do drop us a line at: and we'll very happily answer any questions. flowers

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