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Remove The Plughole

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SeaEagleFeather Fri 17-Nov-17 20:42:11

it's a non-used section! tidy things up =)

CarolineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 17-Nov-17 21:40:07

Thanks for the suggestion SeaEagleFeather. I'm not gifted in the art of tidying, but will certainly pass this onwards and upwards to someone more able in this department. We'll get back to you here soon wine.

Goldenbug Fri 17-Nov-17 23:20:58

Close a whole section? You want the Plughole Manager to lose their job? And their deputy? And all the back room staff essential in keeping the plughole lights on? Before Christmas?


<Shakes head sadly>

Surely nobody want the Plughole to go down the drain.

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 18-Nov-17 00:30:20

"Surely nobody want the Plughole to go down the drain."


SeaEagleFeather Sat 18-Nov-17 10:07:29

lol! smile

paxillin Sat 18-Nov-17 12:27:06

Make it the poo topic, as suggested by *@PanPanPanPing*.

PanPanPanPing Sat 18-Nov-17 15:32:52

Hi, pax!

Hahaha grin

Battleax Sat 18-Nov-17 17:05:44

I wish everyone would stop saying "poo" sad

paxillin Sat 18-Nov-17 17:10:35

Shit then. Or crap. Dung.

Battleax Sat 18-Nov-17 17:22:50

Fecal matter?

paxillin Sat 18-Nov-17 17:25:43

Yes, we could say that grin. But fecal matter troll doesn't have the same ring.

I did actually suggest to call it the defecation topic.

0ccamsRazor Sat 18-Nov-17 17:27:16

💩 Shit hole? 💩

paxillin Sat 18-Nov-17 17:27:56

Turd tube.

Battleax Sat 18-Nov-17 17:29:58

That's very refined of you pax.

Kack is quite elegant and little used.

paxillin Sat 18-Nov-17 17:31:42

Kack cavity or kack crater?

Battleax Sat 18-Nov-17 17:32:35


Both such delightful images.

paxillin Sat 18-Nov-17 17:33:05

I agree kack troll would sound less twee. But I like the idea of the poo troll being a twee little man, poopy troll even.

Battleax Sat 18-Nov-17 17:33:44

Poo troll in kack cavern ? Can't say fairer than that.

paxillin Sat 18-Nov-17 17:34:20

Sounds good to me. He's juggling turds.

Battleax Sat 18-Nov-17 17:35:05

Is he? envy

paxillin Sat 18-Nov-17 17:36:23

It's only natural behaviour for a poo troll.

Battleax Sat 18-Nov-17 17:38:55

This is like the picking the brains of Mr Attenborough smile

paxillin Sat 18-Nov-17 17:45:02

<in a hushed voice> And here we have a prime example of a poo troll. He's male, they usually are. He's opening AIBU, the natural habitat of poo trolls.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Sat 18-Nov-17 17:45:48

I'm throwing my vote (do we vote?) To the shit pit

paxillin Sat 18-Nov-17 17:47:33

Shit pit grin. Favoured suggestion on the other thread was "The Dump".

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