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Gousto recipe boxes

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DeloresJaneUmbridge Tue 24-Oct-17 18:34:48

Hello to any of the 100 Mumsnetters who tested the Gousto recipe boxes.

Please be very very wary of any further orders.

Gousto put a hold on my subscription as they promised.

I liked the box we had and gave it a positive review.

Having enjoyed it we decided to try one of the smaller boxes this week as the meals are quite large,

I went back into the website and chose three recipes but never got as far as “checking out” because a situation arose which meant we wouldn’t be home for much of this week.

I therefore came away from the website without ordering.

I was therefore a bit surprised on Sunday to get an email telling me that they were sending the smaller box out and asking me to update my payment details. As I wasn’t going to be home (nobody was) I frantically emailed them asking them not to deliver as I hadn’t ordered the box.

Got home tonight to my neighbour telling me she had taken delivery. She didn’t know what was in the box so it’s been in her living room since yesterday.

Plus an email from Gousto telling me that choosing recipes in effect reactivated my subscription. They also said the cutoff date for cancelling is three days before delivery...and there I have them as they didn’t send one....if they had I would have realised they had reactivated the subscription and sorted it.

So they have had a reply with the facts above and I have asked them to escalate it. I may or may not pay them depending on how useable the meat is. I think (hope) it will be okay.

Given that I didn’t confirm the order and nor did I supply payment details am amazed they supplied anything. they didn’t even email me three days before delivery as they are apparently supposed to do.

Not best please here as we have to go away again tomorrow and won’t be back again before Friday.

So I won’t ever order from them again and would advise any other tester to be wary of their dealings with them. Have asked them to remove all my details from their system.

DeloresJaneUmbridge Tue 24-Oct-17 18:36:03

That they send an email three days before delivery...before the cutoff date.

JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 25-Oct-17 19:16:43

Hi @DeloresJaneUmbridge - we're really sorry that you've had this experience. We've been in touch with Gousto who would also like to apologise about this - we've emailed you with further details - please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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