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Urgent help! How to stop email updates of threads!

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Emilyfarnsbarns Mon 09-Oct-17 00:29:13

My shared email address is on my Mumsnet account. Until just now I had no idea that if someone mentioned you on a thread, you get sent an email linking to that thread!

How can I turn this option off?
Or how can I delete my comment on a thread?
Thank you!

Emilyfarnsbarns Mon 09-Oct-17 00:45:23

I’ve set up a new email address.
That’ll teach me to slag off DH on a chat thread.....! confused

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Mon 09-Oct-17 00:46:39

Oh dear OP grin

Emilyfarnsbarns Mon 09-Oct-17 00:56:15

grin I can laugh now, but I was bloody panicking at the time!!!

NeverForgotten Mon 09-Oct-17 00:59:09

There's a mnhq night watch board (on the drop down menu) which might get you a faster response.

Emilyfarnsbarns Mon 09-Oct-17 01:04:43

Thank you. I reported my offending post after starting this thread as I didn’t want the hassle of setting up a new email, but then I was worried in case anything happened to be sent to our email overnight so I thought sod it, just change the email address and then it’s sorted.

FruBayerischOla Mon 09-Oct-17 07:19:12

Go into Customise, scroll down to the bottom and there are two check boxes to turn off email notifications.

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 09-Oct-17 08:48:19


To turn email notifications off, follow Fru's instructions. We've replied to your report now and if there's anything else, give us a shout. flowers

Emilyfarnsbarns Mon 09-Oct-17 09:50:10

Thank you so much!
I searched everywhere for the option but couldn’t find it! I’ll try it now.
Thanks so much x

Emilyfarnsbarns Mon 09-Oct-17 12:25:11

Yes, thanks for that Lornamumsnet...

Sending to my old email address the actual post I asked to be deleted, when the whole reason I reported it was so that nothing to do with the post could be sent to my old email address.....

Emilyfarnsbarns Mon 09-Oct-17 13:32:20

Please don’t email me again!!!!

FruBayerischOla Mon 09-Oct-17 17:27:27

The Night Watch can't do anything about changing email addresses.

And, Emily, your report will probably have shown your old email address - it's quite possible that 'the system' hasn't necessarily caught up yet, hence Lorna replying to the only email MNHQ had for you at the time.

Additionally, when I changed my email address a couple of years ago (after JeffGate) I had to jump through a few hoops to prove to MNHQ I was 'me', IYSWIM? So it might not be a rapid process.

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