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Still getting PMs despite blocking

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flowery Sun 08-Oct-17 10:02:52

Hello MNHQ. I've had private messages blocked completely for ages, and unfortunately I'm still getting them. I messaged you about this before but received no acknowledgement or response.

Please sort it out for me. Otherwise when people send me private messages asking for free personal advice I have to ignore them which feels a bit rude.

Thank you in advance.

FruBayerischOla Sun 08-Oct-17 10:19:55

I might be wrong, but I don't think that you can disable your entire PM system completely.

But you can block individual senders - but only after they've sent you a PM.

I suppose it's possible that MNHQ can disable your PM system from their end though?

FruBayerischOla Sun 08-Oct-17 11:01:20

I take it back. Many apologies blush, apparently you can block all PMs. In that case it's very weird that you're still receiving PMs when you've blocked them. But have you checked your settings recently, just in case the check box has, somehow and bizarrely, become unchecked?

flowery Sun 08-Oct-17 11:17:03

Yes, every time I get one I check it and it's definitely ticked to block all PMs. It's not loads I get but when I do get them it's people wanting advice which I'm not prepared to do privately so it feels a bit rude ignoring them iyswim.

I was thrilled when they introduced the facility to block messages altogether!

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 09-Oct-17 09:04:27

Hi there flowery,

So sorry about this.

Can you let us know what browser and device you're using?


flowery Mon 09-Oct-17 12:07:38

Thank you Lorna. I’m using an iphone7, an iPad Pro and a laptop with Microsoft Edge.

ParanoidBeryl Thu 12-Oct-17 19:09:37

It's really a bit off, isn't it? Flowery you give up so much of your time already and share your expertise - to PM is taking the piss.

You helped me with an issue on thread many years ago, and I am forever grateful smile

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 14-Oct-17 12:50:46

Hi Flowery. So sorry for the delay on this. We've passed this info on to Tech and they'll have a look and see if they can fix this for you.

AliceMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 17-Oct-17 17:22:08

Hi Flowery, this has been fixed now for you. Apologies for the delay flowers

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