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Really had enough - its no longer hitting the spot

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CAM Mon 09-Apr-07 04:57:20

Got to go, can't come on here to be abused.

All the "old girls" hardly post anymore, bk, tm, m, mi, d, sm, etc etc, its mostly a bunch of tedious up their own bullies.

alipiggie Mon 09-Apr-07 05:47:56

CAM you've probably gone by now. Sorry you feel like this. I hope that you stick around. Take care.

oxocube Mon 09-Apr-07 07:02:25

CAM, I don't usually post when people go, and don't know who has upset you but I will miss your posts. I remember you from waaaaay back Hope you have a change of heart!

zookeeper Mon 09-Apr-07 08:23:42

I would be sorry to see you go Cam but I do understand where you're coming from. It's a shame when any debate is hijacked by knowitall bullies who can't act alone and don't seem capable of an independent thought.

Cat me if you like

noddyholder Mon 09-Apr-07 08:32:22

Cam we need people like you to stay to outnumber them

Gobbledigook Mon 09-Apr-07 08:33:09

What's happened?

WideWebWitch Mon 09-Apr-07 08:33:57

Cam, what happened, are you OK? You've got my email, drop me a line.

zookeeper Mon 09-Apr-07 08:36:48

Check out the weaning rocket science thread for mumsnet bullying at its best girls

ScoobyDooooo Mon 09-Apr-07 08:38:51

I am sorry you feel this way CAM, i can see where your coming from i have ben here for years but am also beginning to feel the same, i don't even get involved in those debates anymore because i know everyone will just jump me & to be honest i don't come here to be bullied either!

MN has changed lately & there seems to be alot of people ruling it these days & others not even bothering posting anymore beause of this, some people just think they are soo perfect that there own shit does not stink!

I hope you come back because it would be a shame if you left

colditz Mon 09-Apr-07 08:40:36

What, you mean the way VVVQV was sought out and spiteful remarks were made about her attention seeking? Yes, I agree, it is quite bullying.

noddyholder Mon 09-Apr-07 08:41:47

Colditz are you sure?

gess Mon 09-Apr-07 08:42:34

Yep know where you're coming from. oh completely agree with your first message on that thread (I think I know which one has upset you) btw, only skim read the rest, probably agree with what you said, I'm sure lots do. I posted something similar to your first message myself later on. Kept away from a row about it though, as for me it's not a topic that I can bothered to have much of an opinion on iyswim.

I have quite frequent breaks/name changes etc now Found that name changes help to cut down on the abuse received. Whilst still allowing access to the good bits.

What were you doing up at 4:57am??? Yuck!

colditz Mon 09-Apr-07 08:48:32

Look further down the thread, and the first turd flung was flung by you, CAM. And when everyone protested that you were flinging turds, you started shrieking about bullying.

gess Mon 09-Apr-07 08:49:38

oh no please, not bloody handbags at dawn on this thread as well. "them, and us" that's just what mumsnet is all about isn't it.

Chickbabymummy Mon 09-Apr-07 08:51:15

CAM - don't know you but I've seen some bullying going on and been a victim of it myself. Please come back - don't let them get to you some of them are genuinely nasty people, but I think some don't seem to comprehend that there are real people behind the nicknames with real feelings so they think it's acceptable to vent the frustrations of their own lives on here because they don't see it as being harmful - better to do it to someone anonymous than to their own RL family & friends. Plus there are some people who truly unable to see things from another's perspective and come across as being unnecessarily harsher than they intended.
There are so many nice people on here who don't have hidden agendas, who make mistakes and share them and offer so much good advice it would be a shame to miss all of that.

colditz Mon 09-Apr-07 08:53:56

I don't understand these comments about 'them and us'. I only know 1 person who posts here regularly, and she stays in the tea shop all day. I don't know anyone else, so it's not like I'm pouncing on anyone or randomly sticking up for people because they are my friends.

The only thread I got involved in was the one where VVVQV was told she was attention seeking, and I don't know why. Surely it's bad form to follow people around like that?

zippitippitoes Mon 09-Apr-07 08:57:22

cam you aren't the only older mner

I think there is a campaigning element to some of the posts which makes for a different posting style

politics is always adversarial in the uk..apparently not in the isle of man as they are all independents mps in the tynwald and tend to legislate through compromise and discussion

pirategirl Mon 09-Apr-07 08:59:44

oh dear, this seems so sad, I dont know half the people on here, and miss many threads, so havent really a clue about particulars.
But there doesnt seem to be any point in leaving IMO, cos there are lots and lotsof people here who dont follow everything so closely and are still here just want ing advice and support.
I agree that there aremany who know each other well, and kind of get together, its going to happen, like it does in real life.

Maybe you can get involved in other threads? I have never really had any responses form people who are the long term mumsnetters, yet I dont mind, actually saying that I havent had any replies form the ones I 'thin' are long term mumsnetters. Yet I have always tried to be open minded. Everyone, has their own life, and backgrounds, and situations, and I always try to think that an emotive subject, or comment may provoke a severe reation because of trouble thats been here in the past. Or sometimes people come on to rant and get straight to the point and its taken as a bit in your face.
Yet, lets remember we are all only h uman, and there is alot of crap in the world.

If you strat a thread, sometime maybe its best to really read what you have written, and choose your words, and I say that mainly for myself, as sometimes I cant express myself so well.

Can everyone please think before they post. Of ocurse we all have our own points of view, thats why mumsnet exists, yet the phrasing is the only thing any of has to go by on here.

take care.

DimpledThighs Mon 09-Apr-07 09:03:27

will miss you as a late night poster -insomniacs need all the virtual communties they can get.

Hope you have a change of heart and see you again in the small wee hours.

Chickbabymummy Mon 09-Apr-07 09:04:38

That's very true pirategirl, very good advice there.

ScoobyDooooo Mon 09-Apr-07 09:08:32

Posting on mn these days seems hard, if you don't spell right you get people coming on correcting you like it's bloody school, if you don't use the "right" words you also get people picking up on this.

I am crap with words & shit at spelling but i don't need people correcting me because i don't give a toss.

noddyholder Mon 09-Apr-07 09:10:29

It is scoobydoo not scoobydooo just trying to help you out The guidelines are every child should leave school with the basics of cartoon character spelling in place

Chickbabymummy Mon 09-Apr-07 09:10:42

IKWYM, sometimes my keyboard goes a bit funny, esp. when using DH's infrared keyboard. As long as you're understood, then what is the problem?

colditz Mon 09-Apr-07 09:13:22

what has people's spelling got to do with anytyhing>?

This place is cyclic, I swear.

ScoobyDooooo Mon 09-Apr-07 09:18:40

I am just pointing out how ridiculous this place can be these days, if you can't spell you get corrected even if it's a slip of the finger on the keyboard, if you don't follow the guidlines that your not up to scratch, it's my opinion & i wanted to say it if thats ok?

Noddy lol, maybe that was just a slip of the finger too many O's

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