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Please could someone tell me where the customise button is

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CathyMedici Sun 01-Oct-17 10:44:17

The one which helps you change your preferences and stuff

Puzzledandpissedoff Sun 01-Oct-17 11:10:23

Top left hand corner of each page ... right under where it says "Mumsnet, by parents for parents" here's a large font "Talk" with a downward pointing arrow next to it

Click on that arrow and you'll find the customise link smile

CathyMedici Sun 01-Oct-17 15:22:11

Thank you, puzzledandpissed 😀

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 05-Oct-17 09:54:09

Thanks, puzzled!


Puzzledandpissedoff Thu 05-Oct-17 11:13:39

flowers smile

Iamagreyhoundhearmeroar Sat 07-Oct-17 11:40:23

They’ve changed, though, haven’t they? Why is there no longer an option to have the whole thread continue on one page?
The most posts allowed per page is now 100?
Is there a financial advantage in users clicking more per thread?

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