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JigsawBat Fri 23-Jun-17 15:42:26

I've discovered that some forums are automatically excluded from 'Active' conversations. These include the SN forums.

I found a way early yesterday to move things from the excluded list to the included list, which supposedly should mean that they now show in active conversations.

I'm really interested in seeing these threads, but don't want to have to open these forums separately, but they're still not showing under my Active tab.

I've checked inside the SN forums and I can clearly see the threads being updated.

Am I doing something wrong?

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 23-Jun-17 16:09:38

Hi there JigsawBat,

Thanks so much for flagging this to us.

We have quite a few topics that we deem to be sensitive at MNHQ and SN is one of them. We keep threads in these topics separate from most places on the site.

Sensitive topics won’t show in active or search, either. We're really sorry if this is causing some faff your end but we do hope that this clears things up.


JigsawBat Fri 23-Jun-17 16:32:14

Thanks for explaining! I'll set some bookmarks up for regular checks.

I misunderstood the Excluded threads page that mentioned Active conversations.

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