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General Election and MN Q&A

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MNturnedmepolitical Sat 13-May-17 10:49:25

Hello, this might be outing in RL. <adopts cloak of namechange> After the EU Ref I posted here a lot and now things have escalated and I’m helping a candidate with their GE campaign.

I have a question which I would very much like your thoughts on.

Preamble: We want our candidate to win (obviously) and also for voters in our constituency to be able to ask them questions, challenge their policies and see if they like the sound of their responses. Relatively few people make it to a hustings and facebook can be a proper pile-in. Canvassing is great, but by its SURPRISE nature people may have further questions they didn’t think of.

MN is the most politically engaged place I know flowers. So:

The question: Would it be possible (indeed desirable) to have a webchat/thread with our General Election candidate - i.e. a sortof mumsnet constituency hustings?

Where could such a thing sit? I would love to suggest a big mumsnet webchat for ours as our constituency battle is getting a lot of national press go on please, but suspect a standard thread which gets responded to over time might work better. MN Local is not high volume (and I’m not sure if you can access it easily from the main Talk boards). I assume this would be useful for other constituencies too, could we just set something up for ours in (e.g.) Politics and see how it goes?

Is there a fat mumsnet rulebook on politicians posting here under their real names?

Can we avoid making terrible faux pas? Will MN HQ be overwhelmed by polititrolls? that’s about 14 questions now

All thoughts welcome.

AuntieStella Sat 13-May-17 20:41:18

I don't think this should happen on MN.

Yes to threads started spontaneously which can meander where they will.

Also yes to MNHQ arranging for the leaders ( biscuit ) to appear.

But no to specific campaigning for specific seats.

This is a chat site, not a hustings.

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