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Is Netmums not part of Mumsnet? [confused icon]

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nogoes Tue 13-Mar-07 17:02:33

I discovered Netmums the same as mumsnet and thought that netmums was just a localised mumsnet. But now MN has just started a localised arm and I have just been on Netmums and they have their own talk forum so now I am really confused!!! Can anyone enlighten me?

fryalot Tue 13-Mar-07 17:03:07

no, they're.... um.... different.

Enid Tue 13-Mar-07 17:03:14

netmums is nothing to do with mumsnet as far as I am aware

they just ride on mumsnet's coat tails dont they?

pinkranger Tue 13-Mar-07 17:04:49

i found netmums really hard to navigate, came here and have never gone back

Greensleeves Tue 13-Mar-07 17:05:35

MN has a localised arm? Uh?

JanH Tue 13-Mar-07 17:05:43

No they don't Enid!

Netmums provides a local information service which is very useful for a lot of people. It really isn't in any way competing or copying.

nogoes Tue 13-Mar-07 17:06:45

Thanks! For the last 2 years I had been thinking they were the one and same <hangs head in shame>.

Rhubarb Tue 13-Mar-07 17:11:04

I used to be a Netmums editor, they are in no way riding on anyone's coat tails.

They are completely separate and localised.

fryalot Tue 13-Mar-07 17:12:25

I've found netmums good for local stuff because mn never had anything like that (till now) but mn is definitely better for the chat and the advice.

mummycan Tue 13-Mar-07 17:13:45

Where is the local stuff for mumsnet - and how come I don't know about it?

Enid Tue 13-Mar-07 17:15:57

oh sorry

I think I may be getting them confused with someone else actually

fryalot Tue 13-Mar-07 17:16:09


JanH Tue 13-Mar-07 17:16:48

mumsnet local

Rhubarb Tue 13-Mar-07 17:17:25

Hey JanH, I'm due some lieu time if you're free?

JanH Tue 13-Mar-07 17:17:35

X posted, squonk!

Enid, are you thinking of mumsonline maybe?

Enid Tue 13-Mar-07 17:17:56

definitely got them confused with someone else who I will not name here!

sorry netmums

JanH Tue 13-Mar-07 17:18:30

Hi rhuby - that would be great, could do Thurs next week? (22nd) (at least I think so...)

Rhubarb Tue 13-Mar-07 17:19:14

Cool! Will see if I can have the afternoon off - late lunch?

JanH Tue 13-Mar-07 17:21:07

Sounds good, I will email you

Rhubarb Tue 13-Mar-07 17:23:27

Sorry Enid, do carry on digging yourself in a hole!

Twiglett Tue 13-Mar-07 17:24:46

was netmums pie?

Rhubarb Tue 13-Mar-07 17:25:52


amynnixmum Tue 13-Mar-07 17:27:25

No pie is mumsonline

Rhubarb Tue 13-Mar-07 17:28:28

Oooooooh, it's a person?

I was wondering about how you could get netmums into a pie!

R0078 Thu 03-Dec-15 23:47:22

Do prizes won with Netmums come from the same provider as Mumsnet?

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