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Disturbing trend coming from male posters.

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HelenaDove Thu 23-Mar-17 19:31:48

There seems to be a fairly recent but regular occurence from a couple of these posters who are posting comments on weight/body shape/ body image threads policing womens weight.

I realise ppl are entitled to their opinion but the comments are likely to be triggering for many. Its predominently a site for women and i dont think the comments are meant to be helpful.

VladmirsPoutine Thu 23-Mar-17 20:49:34

So why not report those posts and have HQ review whether or not they break the guidelines?

What would posting in Site Stuff resolve?

picklemepopcorn Thu 23-Mar-17 20:51:42

I think making MNHQ aware of a trend that they can't see on their own is helpful.

HelenaDove Thu 23-Mar-17 20:57:24

YY Popcorn This site has a MASSIVE amount of traffic and they cant be expected to spot everything.

ToniMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 23-Mar-17 22:27:03

It would be really great if you could report these posts, so we can take a look.

BoBaraMoMara Thu 23-Mar-17 22:32:10

Can they be pointed out on the thread as a pattern of body shaming - so other of us can be sure to report as well. Pointing out a pattern of derogatory posting style isn't the same as troll hunting and sometimes it's helpful if posters who see a pattern point it out on thread to others.

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