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No email notifications + site keeps logging me out?

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SouthLondonDaddy Fri 17-Mar-17 10:46:48

I haven't been receiving email notifications on the threads I am watching, plus the website often logs me out for no apparent reason. I have tried Chrome, Chrome in incognito (to avoid loading add ins), and Internet Explorer, but it's the same. Is it just me?

KatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 17-Mar-17 15:11:47

Hi SouthLondonDaddy,

Do you have the notify by email option turned on? (Found at the top of the page, here)

With the logging out issue - do you have the 'keep me logged in' button ticked? This usually does the trick!

We hope this helps - do let us know if you have any more problems.

SouthLondonDaddy Fri 17-Mar-17 15:25:02

Yes to both.
I had to break this post in two parts:

because otherwise the system would not let me publish it. Clicking on 'post' would only log me out. Weird. Is there a maximum number of characters allowed?

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