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Please make it stop! Ads opening new tabs in IE

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Whatchamacalllit Fri 10-Mar-17 13:05:10

Hi MN,

Since yesterday I'm being bombarded by tabs opening up when I'm trying to either read or post threads on MN. I'm not sure if this is down to bots or some random thing that is linked to the ads at the top of the pages and is running in the background.

The ones I'm seeing at the moment relate to Currys PC World. and I had about 20 tabs automatically opening linking to their site.

I can't use MN Talk properly if this keeps happening.

AmyGMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 10-Mar-17 15:47:20

Hi there

Sorry you're having trouble with this. Can we ask you which device you're using please, and also which thread you were on when the pop ups appeared?


WhatchaMaCalllit Fri 10-Mar-17 18:30:15

Hi AmyMN,

It was happening when I tried to create this thread, of all places.

I was on a thin client device at work when it started and I was viewing it through IE 11.

I'm now at home and using a laptop with Google Chrome.

WhatchaMaCalllit Fri 10-Mar-17 18:31:14

It hasn't happened since I logged in on my laptop but I couldn't make them stop when I was in work...I was waiting on the phone call from our IT Security area asking what I was up to at one point grin

AmyGMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 10-Mar-17 19:00:35

Thanks for clarifying! If it's ok on Chrome that's good to know. The ads team are aware of the issue so we'll be looking into this, thank you!

If it happens again if you wouldn't mind updating us on the thread then that would be really helpful.

Have a great weekend flowers

WhatchaMaCalllit Sat 11-Mar-17 14:05:17

Will do Amy. I'll do my best to update on the thread where it happens (if it will allow me) smile

WhatchaMaCalllit Wed 15-Mar-17 13:45:04

I'm after getting this again so I reported the post on the thread where it happened. I wasn't reporting the actual thread or the content that was posted - so I hope the other MNetter doesn't have her message blocked or removed as it wasn't offensive in any way smile

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