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Login probs

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Jux Fri 03-Mar-17 20:56:56

iPad, Safari.

I've not been able to log in for the last 24 hrs. Got in just now, but it had been totally unresponsive 15 minutes ago. I've cleared my cache etc many times!

I've been getting the login page with no live links at all. Got in via FB, posted on a thread there.

Seems OK now though

Jux Fri 03-Mar-17 20:57:32

Sorry, just thought you might want to know.

Jux Sat 04-Mar-17 10:46:21

Back again.

Last night, I tried to report the op but the page had no live links.

This morning, while I can get in and even post, most threads aren't fully loading. I've got, for instance, the first part of the op of a thread, and the Fairy Liquid baby ad on the right, and lots of white space.

ToniMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 04-Mar-17 12:07:26

Tech have just spoken with one of our ads suppliers, they spotted a script that was causing a long load on threads when particular ads were shown.

Can you see an improvement in load times?

Jux Sat 04-Mar-17 16:23:22

Hi Toni, thanks for your reply; had a feeling it was an ad. I was using the iPad only about 10 minutes ago and there was no discernible difference.

It's really erratic, and sometimes the links are live and sometimes they're not, sometimes a page loads and sometimes it doesn't. No obvious rhyme or reason.

I'm on laptop/W10/Edge now which is working perfectly, though! Sadly, I can't use the laptop that much, the iPad is more convenient.

Here's gin; scripting errors are a bastard!

Jux Sat 04-Mar-17 22:18:07

It's still not working on Safari. I'm using the app now on the iPad. The login problems seem to have been sorted 😊 but the loading etc hasn't. Am I the only one experiencing this?

Jux Sun 05-Mar-17 19:44:46

Still not working on iPad. Am on laptop again.

Jux Mon 06-Mar-17 01:04:16

Wheeeeeee here I am using Safari on iPad!

Much gin for you all! Sunday night too! Thank you grin


LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Mar-17 11:58:07


Is it working?

We're really doing our best to figure this bloody thing out and so sorry if it pops back or anything.

It's top priority right now (007 style) and we're massively hoping that it will be sorted soon.

Thanks for the well needed gin and the updates.

Jux Mon 06-Mar-17 19:14:51

Yes, it's working. This morning it was OK and again now - not had much chance to get on until now. You can e su that if I get problems again I'll do my best to get to this thread and scream.

Meanwhile, I also have cake which may not go with gin but is pretty good to have nevertheless.

Jux Mon 06-Mar-17 19:15:37

be sure that is. I hate viral keyboards.

Jux Mon 06-Mar-17 19:16:09


That's why, right there. grin

Jux Mon 06-Mar-17 19:42:44

It's chucked me off Safari again, or rather it gets stuck on Post. The whole box - including text box and Preview button gets greyed out and just sits there. I'm on the app now, so hope that's posting.

Jux Thu 09-Mar-17 11:37:44

It's fine, and been fine for nearly a week now. Thank you for your efforts.


LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 09-Mar-17 13:11:59

We are SO bloody relieved to hear this.

gin and wine and cake to you, thanks so much for your patience whilst our lovely ads and tech team have been figuring this out.

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