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My phone or your app?

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JustPoppingBy Tue 14-Feb-17 08:57:08

Every day for the past 4/5 days on several occasions I have to:
log in,
Reset my colour setting,
Reset my fave topics.
(It does save my 'watching' topics)
I've not changed any settings on my phone at all recently and it's starting to become really annoying but I can't figure out why it's happening.
Also, Sometimes the app will just shut randomly then I have to do the above again too.
Any other reports of this or just me?

TimMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 15-Feb-17 10:05:20

Hi @JustPoppingBy - that sounds really irritating! It definitely shouldn't be happening, for some reason the app is clearing your cached data.

Could you try the following:
1. Delete the app and reinstall it from the App Store
2. If you still have to repeatedly log in, can you tell me what phone you have, and what version of iOS you're using?

I hope that helps, and thanks for your feedback!

JustPoppingBy Thu 16-Feb-17 09:19:06

I've done the un/re instal already, but I have just had a new phone update come through so I will do that and come back if the problem persists.
Thanks 😊👍

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