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How do I contact MNHQ?

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ChestyNutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire Thu 02-Feb-17 14:29:59

Rubbish at technology! How can I PM HQ?

FannyWisdom Thu 02-Feb-17 14:31:15

Bottom of page, contact us.

ChestyNutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire Thu 02-Feb-17 14:34:46

Thanks Fanny I'm on the app tho and can't see that?

EatsShitAndLeaves Thu 02-Feb-17 14:35:33

Just report one of your posts above

EatsShitAndLeaves Thu 02-Feb-17 14:36:15

On the app - right swipe the post and click on report.

You'll get the chance to msg MNHQ

FannyWisdom Thu 02-Feb-17 14:39:17
Email for general.

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 02-Feb-17 14:42:36

Hi, ChestyNutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire!

We're mailing you now!


ChestyNut Thu 02-Feb-17 14:49:39

Thanks all flowers

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