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Could we have a Trump topic?

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Eatingcheeseontoast Tue 31-Jan-17 13:39:47

Just so I can hide it when it all gets too much?

He isn't going anywhere and his actions affect the UK and the rest of the world.

paxillin Tue 31-Jan-17 14:11:34

I understand the sentiment, some days I'd rather not think about him, but his actions do affect us all so many of us will discuss him. Own topic is pointless, not all Trump stuff is Trump only, we have too many topics on MN already and if people really want replies they post in Chat and AIBU anyway. MNHQ don't tend to move threads unless the OP wants this.

AddToBasket Tue 31-Jan-17 15:23:15

Please can we have a US Politics/End of the World is Nigh topic and move all the sanctimonious handwringing Trump/Breitbart/Doomsday threads there?

MN has always been awesome as a place for educated, switched on people to discuss stuff including politics. That is great. But virtue signalling has totally taken hold and it feels like active convos is just full of placards.

Redglitter Tue 31-Jan-17 15:31:42

I hate to think what my 'hide threads' must be like at the moment. I've become quite find of that feature. Almost every thread with Trump in the title goes on it

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