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The problem with the 'trending' threads...

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Blu Sun 22-Jan-17 21:36:51

There was a thread over the last few days, posted in AIBU, and which ended up in the 'discussions' menu in the R hand corner.

Long, long after the poor OP had accepted that technically she WABU (though in circs where many of us feel fragile) there was post after post with people presumably led there because it was a featured thread, didn't bother TRTFT, churnkng out scathing comments. The OP continued to post that she accepted she WBU.

I see the deletion message says she has been advised not to post in AIBU any more.

Is this quite how the MN Philosophy works in practice? Keep getting a flaming, MN keep the thread profiled, and if you don't like it don't post in AIBU?

If this is the case I think the advisory note at the head of AIBU needs to be changed from 'play nice, this isn't a bun fight ' to 'this is a bun fight and worse, and MN will drum up trade for punters, so stay away if you are even slightly sensitive'.

This is a thread about a principle, not a TAAT. It doesn't matter what actual thread it was.

Just a thought, MN. What do you think?

Blu Mon 23-Jan-17 08:38:17


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