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Can we have a Bookmark function?

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PyongyangKipperbang Sun 22-Jan-17 00:56:25

I know there is a Watch function but that lists posts and gets lost as it gets to the bottom of the list.

What I want is something where I can bookmark the URL to a thread to keep it for later without focussing on updated posts.

There is a thread with lots of household tips on that I would love to be able to keep for future reference, without using the fucking annoying Pocket think on firefox.

LadyCassandra Sun 22-Jan-17 01:57:25

You can bookmark a thread so you don't have to scroll through. On the mobile site there are 3 dots at the bottom right of each post which let you bookmark. Does this help?

namechangeforthis123 Sun 22-Jan-17 02:43:28

Are on the android app?. No bookmark facility as yet. I've just moved from the iPad to android apps and it's driving me mad that I saved the mobile site to my phone.. turns out that's slower than a slug in treacle grin.
Come on MN don't forget about us android users please smile

PyongyangKipperbang Sun 22-Jan-17 02:56:40

On laptop, not bookmark function that I can find.

Thanks for the tips though smile

iogo Sun 22-Jan-17 03:08:30

If you hover your mouse/cursor at the bottom right, the word 'bookmark' should appear. Click on it. smile

FruSkogKattOla Sun 22-Jan-17 08:00:18

I think you need to turn on the bookmark function first though. Up there ^ next to the word Talk is a circle with a downward facing arrow, click in the circle and a drop-down menu appears, click on Customise, it will take you to a new page of options, scroll down to Display bookmark links and activate it to say Yes, then scroll down a bit more to Save changes.

FruSkogKattOla Sun 22-Jan-17 17:44:35

And it's just occurred to me that, to help your 'view' of threads, you can highlight the OP's posts in one colour and your own in another colour. This is also on Customise.

For example, for me, you are Olive green and I'm dark lavender!!

PyongyangKipperbang Sun 22-Jan-17 22:59:12

I do have the highlighted OP/Me

Right, I have sorted out the bookmark thing and it works do I view the ones I have bookedmarked?!

LadyCassandra Mon 23-Jan-17 03:42:28

I don't think you can. You can just watch them and then when you go into each one you go straight to the bookmarked post.

FruSkogKattOla Mon 23-Jan-17 07:54:44

I'm afraid you can only have one bookmark per thread. People use the feature to bookmark the last post that they read, or their own last post, so when you re-open the thread it takes you straight to the bookmark. If the thread has moved on, then you click on bookmark again at the last post - but it doesn't save the previous one/s.

Unfortunately it doesn't have the facility to do multiple bookmarks on one thread.

OnionKnight Mon 23-Jan-17 09:33:26

Can't you just add a thread to your web browser favourites?

FruSkogKattOla Mon 23-Jan-17 11:17:44

I think the OP wants to bookmark multiple posts in one thread? She mentioned the household tips thread, so I'm guessing there may be a few tips in that thread that she'd like to refer back to, without having to wade through everything.

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