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This is not a thread about a thread.

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OneWithTheForce Fri 20-Jan-17 14:52:35

I want to stress from the outset I do not want to rehash previous threads on this issue but I do think HQ should give an explanation for the thread deletions.

I would like to know what was in the original thread discussing the possibility of a 20th radford baby that was in breach of talk guidelines rendering the whole thread deletable (if that is even a word)

I understand that the threads after that were TAATs and so in breach of talk guidelines (however one of the deletion messages was a bit hmm)

Is it possible for HQ to specify what the exact issue was so that posters can know in future what is and isn't to be discussed and also whether that is specific to threads discussing the radford family or if it is applicable to all MN threads.

Again I want to stress that this is not a repeat of previous threads, I would just like something from HQ to clarify exactly what the issue with the original thread was. Could I ask anyone posting not to discuss anything about the family or the TV show on this thread as it isn't yet clear what consitutes a breach of talk guidelines concerning the family and I would rather this thread didn't get deleted. At least until we have some clarity on the matter.

I have reported this thread to HQ in the hope of a response.

Catsarefluffy Fri 20-Jan-17 17:29:56

Was a lurker but want to know aswell

KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 20-Jan-17 18:58:18

Hi there

We were contacted by a representative of the family in question, but the thread was deleted because we'd had lots of reports about mean-spiritedness about the family as a whole, including speculation about whether some members had special needs. The OP herself was also keen for it to be gone.

To clarify, it's fine to post about established facts, as long as the Talk Guidelines are observed (do remember please that this is a real family under discussion). Threads on this subject are clearly being noted elsewhere, though, and it's worth reminding everyone that individual posters are responsible for what they post.



OneWithTheForce Fri 20-Jan-17 20:45:57

Thanks Kate, I appreciate a response. Would it be an idea to give a brief explanation in deletion messages so that people are aware what the issue is to avoid repeating on other threads? I also hadn't realised that The OP had reported the thread herself.

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