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Can you delete a thread?

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millionaireorbust Tue 10-Jan-17 08:55:22

Hi worried might be identified. Please can you delete the thread under my last user name?

NormaSmuff Tue 10-Jan-17 08:56:08

did you report it while on the thread op?

BikeRunSki Tue 10-Jan-17 08:57:45

You need to report your thread to MNHQ and ask them to delete it.

At the bottom of the message box there are three little dots. Press on them and there will be annopyipn to report the thread.

FruJustFru Tue 10-Jan-17 08:58:31

It's probably best if you change back to that NN, find the thread, report it and explain to MNHQ that you've 'outed' yourself.

FruJustFru Tue 10-Jan-17 08:59:03


millionaireorbust Tue 10-Jan-17 09:12:17

Thank you!

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